RICOHJPNR01, Is this any good with Herries b5 FW for 2500A

if so what speed do you recommend. thanks

It works well with stock fw 2.15 at 6x so 6x for sure.

8x should be no problem.

here is 8x with 1.07 v2b4

here is 6x with 1.07v2b4


Do you have by chance an experience with Ricoh R01 at 4X ?
It seems that this would not improve quality above 6X.

4X or 6X is perfect, 8X is good, but not superb. And it only takes a minute longer to burn them at 6X.

Thanks sOlar !

I will post some screens later tonight so you can dubbelcheck the kprobe results, I burned some at 8X and some at 6X.

I’m looking forward to seeing them.
Would you also give the brand names ?

I experienced very good Philips and Infinity , average Fuji and poor Traxdata mostly burned with my Liteon 811S.
I will also post som scans from the Nec 2500A for comparison.

Here is a RicohjpnR01 at 4x with 107v2b4 firmware.
It is a Memorex 4x printable.

Fuji Ricoh R01 burnt 8X with 107V2B5

Traxdata R01 burnt 4X with Beta5

I have 2510a fw 2.15 loaded and I see the same kind of Kprobes as above 4x or 6x on ricohR01 is pretty flat, but if I set it to 8x using herries fw just past the 8x speed shift it jumps up in some cases over 50-60 points. the disks are not coasters and they have no dvdinfo pro errors in 8x area they just jump way up in the pi level on kprobe.

Infinity R01 4X with Beta5

For the moment, I hope to always have this type of results as attached
Fuji R01 4X Beta5

But its very variable.

Arita RICOHJPN R01 @8X with 107v2b5

All the above are nevertheless well below maximum PI limits.

However even at 4X we cannot expect to always be in the 10-25 PI region like with TY G01 or MCC 01G20.
The price then is not the same.

Sapa I agree that most of the above are under 280 pi but the whole idea of burning is to get best recording we can. The fact that in most cases on 2500 or 2510 using herries oc fw to burn ricohR01 at 8x shows much higher level then 4x or 6x burn would seem to show that what ever herrie did to strategy to get 8x is not correctly set. True this media is not 8x rated and true tyg01 does better the whole point here is 8x has problem and we want to see if it can be made better


I see your point after checking the original stategies of stock 1.27 and 2.21 hp firmware.

On the other side, the Codeguys seem to achieve, at last, great results with this media for the Liteon 832S and even the 851S which shows identical results with Ricoh R01.

I have high hopes that Herrie will also incorporate in his next FW improvements on this good and honest media, as he said he would for more exotic brands.