RICOHJPNR01 in Australia

Just wondering if you guys know where i can buy this media, the place where i brought my first and last 50 from is no longer selling them and as you can see from the results i have attained in these K-Probe scans why i want to find somewhere else i can buy them from.

TDK 4x DVD+R in jewel cases from JB Hi-Fi - $2.85 a piece.


kmartin1982: What drive(firmware) and speed did you burn these at?

I have burn’t about 10 off my spindle of 50, only one disc has ever had a PI average above 1 it was 1.2 :D, all the PO higest has been 0.01, burnt on my Lie-On SOHW 812S with codeguys burn adjusted firmware at 8x.

$2.85 a piece, i guess i really did get bargain when i bought that spindle of 50 at 68 dollars in the clearance section :S

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