RicohJPNR01 discontinued?

I’ve just been told that this mediacode isn’t produced anymore. :confused:

I’ve got a Lite on 451s@832S and this is my favorite mediacode but now i can’t get it anymore… :sad:

Will the 16x version give similar great results?
also when burned 4x/8x?

anyone have any experience with this?

i tried many mediacodes but RicohJPNR01 and ProdiscR02 (also not available at the moment) and TY are the only ones that give really good results.

any advise?

Or should i buy a new burner?


It is probably better to buy a new burner. That has been the main reason why I personally have bought new ones, to get good support for new discs as the manufacturers generally stop making firmware updates for older drives in a relatively short time after they release newer models. :frowning:

All the scans of RicohJPN R03 discs I’ve seen would indicate they don’t seem to be as consistently good as RicohJPN R01. Verbatim branded MCC004 is my choice of widely available good quality media at the moment.

If you have a Big Lots store near you, they sell Fuji 4x media in 4 packs + 1 pack of +RW. They are RICOHJPNR01, the price was around $2 or less so it was a fair price, and they may be clearancing them or maybe they can work out a deal since they are only 4x media. Who knows, if a store has a bunch and you speak to a manager, they may mark them down for you to clear out slower media. I’ve used alot of RICOHJPNR01 and I agree that it is excellent media.

Otherwise, as TLO said, you may want to consider a new drive. Older Liteons can be a bit picky in the media you feed them and using 8x-16x media in your drive will probably not yield many good results. For your current burner, you could try the ‘Value’ TY media that is selling for $23.xx shipped per 100 right now from Shop4Tech - look in the Bargain Basement Forum. There’s no guarantee what media code they ship you, but TYG01 and TYG02 will probably work well in your burner. Verbatim MCC004 apparently burns well even at 4x, but if your burner doesn’t have firmware support for the discs, they may still burn poorly.

If really need a burner buy a new one but otherwise i’d just go with TY’s if you cannot find RicohJPNR01 and ProdiscR02.