For you 1233 & 1633 owners…

Just out of curiostity, has anyone tried to burn a RICOHJPNR01 at greater than 8X speed, and if so, were you able to get good results?


Yes, I’ve tried it at 12x. The results were not good. 8x is the best speed that I’ve gotten out of the Ricoh R01 on a 3S drive.

However, all that trying that I’ve done is swapping R01 to R02 and then hacking R02 up to 12x. It may be possible to get a decent 12x burn if some other strategy is used, but since I’m happy with 8x, I haven’t bothered spending media to try to find a suitable strategy.

Talking of RICOHJPNR01, I’ve tried to burn some @8x on a 1213s@1633s, using firmware BS0H and the KProbe scans have not been as smooth as I wished. They all start with a short mountain effect right at the start, then produce very good results until near the end when some more, somewhat higher, mountain effects are produced (very similar in shape between all burns).

The disks probably are not to blame because they burn great with a NEC 3500 with either Liggy beta 7 or 8. Scans of these NEC burns can be found here and here.

Incidentally I also tried to burn a RICOHJPNR02 @8x on the @1633s and the initial mountain effect is also present but after that, the results are acceptable.

Nero read speed scans of the JPNR01 disks performed on the NEC3500 show a good read curve but the same scan performed on the LiteON shows trouble on the initial mountain but is smooth afterwards.

Finally I should add that the drive burns very well @4x.

What could be the problem here? Badly calibrated drive? Discs?

I enclose KProbe scans of 2 RICOHJPNR01 burns, both @8x and the @8x burn on a RICOHJPNR02.