RICOHJPNR01+812s is this the best media?

I’ve been reading nothing but praise about this RICOHJPNR01 media.
Is this the best media for my liteon 812s ?
Where in the uk can I purchase this media ?
MCC003 seem to work well with my drive. Will RICOHJPNR01 be any better ?
Am I missing out ?
Datawrite classic orange (MCC003)@8X
Using Sony 700A firmware VY06(changed ID for nero 5.5)

The difference between MCC 002/003 and ricohjpnr01/02 isnt really great.
I think you cant do anything wrong with both media.
The scan you have posted here is simply splendid so use these discs.

This scan is allready better than you can expect from any burner with any media. Simply keep what you have or check the media formum to feel even better :slight_smile:

Ricoh R01 is recommended over MCC003 only because Ricoh R01 is usually cheaper. If the price is about the same, then stick with what works for you.

@ dangerousbri… you are in the ZONE :iagree:

That scan is great, Exactly what I get from my R01’s on my 832s. I’d say stick with what you’ve got if you can easily get hold of them.

Thanks All
I’ll stick with what ive got Datawrite classic orange (MCC003) £7.99 for 25 from

Just dont want to miss out.