RicohJPNR01 + 812s@832s = annoyed

So I bought a 100pack spindle of Ritek/Ridata DVD+R’s, knowing beforehand they were RICOHJPNR01, which is the reason I bought them. Every burn looks like this, with the large spike at the beginning. It’s readable, but it annoys me. I’ve burnt 5 exactly like this so far. Any 6x or 8x attempt on this media ends with a spike at the beginning and an even bigger spike at the end (With PIF over 20). Tried the R02 strat and ended up with a nice coaster.

Burnt using an 812s@832s, VS0A, Omnipatched with all options, tried it with stock VS0A though, same results. Thoughts?

Any visble defects on the disks? Seems like it’s more the media than anything else. Usually drive problems show up on the outer edge (at least for me). I just burned a Maxell Branded RICOHJPNR01/002 and no problems whatsoever, 851@832.

Another thing, did you try to burn it at 4x ? Newer media seems to poorly work when burned above specifications lately.

None that I can see. Pristine purple dye, nothing that catches my eye as abnormal. Yeah, the above burn was at 4x.

I must say at least you have had CONSISTANT problems. I have a 50-pack of the exact same discs (newegg, 31.99) and mine have been all over the board. Spikes at beginning, in middle, at end, scattered, etc. I miss my Sony DrU-500, at least then if my discs played, that was the end of it, I didn’t feel compelled to scan each one to see how it went.

In some ways I enjoy the challenge of my 812S@832S, but then again I am now looking for a good burner that will do decent DVD-R burns. this one treats -R’s like redheaded stepchildren. :Z

Oddly enough, my drive burnt every RitekG04 (-R) I threw at it like a champ. Much, much better than these R01 +R’s. This spindle I have is also from Newegg, btw.

try the stock strat with just early shift and force shift, not with force recab or force fallback. I know that forcerecab is supposed to be for the end burn but for some reason when i dont have it on these ricoh discs burn way better all the way through!

give it a try!

Already have, no dice. :frowning:

what software are you using to burn? and are you using windows ide drivers?

Nero. DMA is on. Using current Intel IDE drivers for my Abit IS7.

Try to use the default microsoft ide drivers, and check in nero if the dvdhigh compatibility is checked(with some drives i have noticed this option give troubles)

Also try the MCC003 strat for these disc at 8x.

VS0A / VS08 treats my RICOHJPNR01 like shite too…

only at 4x, not over-speed whatsoever, i got this dark circle around 200MB… the scan was way high at that area, PI = 300+ , PO = 30+ … and they got readable problems too :a

@prking, are u talking about 8x burning or 4x??

I have never needed to swap strats for R01 media. My 812@832 burns these at 8x without a problem. You do see a little bit of variation in the burns. I believe its more to do with batch variation than anything else. If you are getting a spike at the end then use FFB. I don’t run any other options except auto bitsetting. Works for me.

I wouldn’t waste my time hunting down problems if I had scans like that. The scan isn’t that bad. If you have a drive that can’t read disks with those KProbe results then I’d junk the drive.

Each to their own, but don’t get caught up chasing your tail.


Agreed. I decided to just deal and burn at 4x with this batch. It wasn’t worth the overall hassle and coasters, was just looking for outside input. Oddly enough, after about 6 or so like the one in the original post, I’ve had 2 of these in a row.

It is just inconsistant media. I have found on a couple of different occasions that there will be a few discs in a row in a spindle that I get bad burns and then they are fine again. It probably isnt your drive or computer its the media. I had a 25 spindle of maxells that I went from getting PI<10 and PO<2 for 5 discs to having two discs in a row that were PI>900 and then back to normal again without doing anything to my computer or drive. Not even a reboot. 1 of the discs had a discoloration of the dye and the other had no visible defects but must of been fubar.

Yes, Ricoh media really isn’t that consistent. My first and third Ricoh batches have burned just fine at 8x. My 2nd Ricoh batch couldn’t burn at 8x no matter what.

Just for fun, here’s a scan of a 8x burn I just did (Got brave based on the last few burns), looks basically identical to the last 8x burn I attempted.

Also, the burn directly after that 8x attempt (same file, movie backup) is completely coastered, PIF’s at 200 in the beginning spike, then levels off about 10-12% in, was burnt at 4x. I’ll never buy this media again. I have more bad burns than I do good. It feels like I’m using my old 2x Memorex CDRW with Imation 2x rated CD-R’s all over again, though not quite that bad, I got one good burn out of every 5 attempts with them. :a

Anybody here have an NEC-2500A that gives these “box of choc-o-lates” type results?
i am tentatively planning buying one @ newegg for $59.99 this weekend. I sure don’t want another one like the 812s…these things must be FEMALE drives.

(he chuckles, mildly to himself)

This is because the drive saves the burn data to use next time around. After a couple of tries it will get better. But once you get a bad burn, expect the next one to Crater. Once you get a good burn, if you stick with it, it will stay that way as well.

Hey dont ask, I just noticed this… But I can only get good burns @ 2x and I already hate this company. I have gone through major hardware problems before but this takes the cake, as it is not consistant… except that it sucks worse each time. But it makes you think its another brand new day… But it ends up sucking anyway. Sucks not having much of a choice either.