Ricohjpnr00 worth buying?

I have used a billion ricohjpnr01’s and love them. Are the ricohjpnr00 pretty good quality too? I ran across a few that I can get for about 30 cents a piece with full size jewel cases and they seem to burn pretty good. I have only burned 2 but they seem to burn pretty good at 4x and 8x. Here is a scan of the one burned at 8x.

Personally i’d always prefer TY media, but i like to use Ricoh or Verbatim media, too.
The scan looks nice to me, if you are happy with them, then i think it’s worth! :wink:

RICOHJPR00 one of the best (up to 8x) DVD+R media ever made. :iagree:

What brand are they.

My liteon doesn’t like ty so I feed it mostly ricojpnr01 (though it seems to like the r00 also).
@pinto2, They are RCA brand (first time I have even seen rca brand media). They are 1.17$ for a 3 pack at biglots (but I get a 20% employee discount). They also have 3 packs of dvd-ram for 1.17$, 3 dvd+r and 3 dvd+rw or 3dvd-r and 3dvd-rw for 2.34$, 3 dvd-r for 1.17 and dvd-rw for 39 cents ea.
The dvd+r/dvd+rw were ricohjpnro1/ritek004, the dvd-r/dvd-rw were ritekg03/ritekw01. Not sure on the -r’s, or the dvd-ram. Also, not sure if they would all be the same media code or if rca uses other stuff, and no idea if all biglots got them or just a few. They are with the back to school stuff, not with the normal media in electronics.
While I’m on the subject, anyone farmiliar with jvc media? The have been getting 30 packs for 12.99$ (not the greatest price) and they are made in china so I figured/guessed crap?

I had the same experience, the 00 media burned excellent out to 8x in my herrie firmware 2500 I have. My newer drives wont overspeed it past 4x or even rated but if your drive will its great stuff and CHEAP.

The R00’s are legandary for over-speeding and burn quality. Enjoy. :clap:

What brand name(s) are the ricohjpnr00 sold under?

My Liteon loves TY’s, never a problem, it also does very well with the ricohjpn 01 an 02’s.

They’re not. They haven’t been made for well over a year, maybe 2. If you can find some old Memorex, Fuji, TDK or MAxell 2.4x +R, it will probably be R00.

I have also had some outstanding results burning RICOHJPNR00 2.4x @ 8x on my NEC ND-2500A :slight_smile:

Those are Wealth Fair Investment discs. Results do not look good on the limited testing that I’ve seen, I would not recommend these discs at all.
I requested some samples from JVC media USA, they told me they would send some, but instead decided to never respond. After sending over 10 emails I gave up. :rolleyes:

Thank you for the information, I won’t attempt to look for them, I thought it was a new product, after retinking that doesn’t make sense, such as 00, 01, 02.

I picked up 10 of the 3 packs but I think I might just get the last few they had too (maybe even see if one of the other stores has a few). My 3500 will burn anything but my liteon is a bit more picky with media (though it can outperform the 3500 with the right media). I do most burning at 8x so if they are that good and based on the scans I got so far, I might as well get a little more. As far as the jvc, I already decided not to try it (unless someone recomended it or something).

RICOHJPN R01 and R02 are excellent media. I’ve burned over 300 (counting R01 and R02) without a single coaster on my Plex 712 and 716. I’ve found the safest way to insure that you get RICOH media it to purchase it under the Ritek “Ridata” brand. Buying brands such as TDK and some other brands is a crap shoot because you could end up with CMC media which is a waste of good plastic. Go to and you can purchase a 100 spindle of R02 for $34.99. I like shopping at newegg fore media because the have reviews and someone almost always ID’s it.

ricohjpn r00 was what got ricoh a good rep in dvd media. r01 were ok but r02 have not been very good in my opinion

last i knew officemax still had some fuji 25pack spindles of 2.4x r00. i bought about 450 and they were by far my favorite media back about a year

<edit>just checked… it appears they must have sold them all out… </edit>

I really haven’t used that many ricohjpnr02. I just havent been able to find them to use. The r01 have performed very well through several hundred disks though.

I agree. R00 and R01 are legendary media. R02, however, is not that good. I think the quality came back in R03 (16x).

In respond to the title, ripit, from the scan in your first post, there exist PIF=4 to 6. Although they are only single spikes, but I don’t think it’s worth buying hundreds of them. 30cents a piece with jewel cases is tempting though.

They only had about 15 3 packs so I just got them all. They also had 6, 6 packs that were ricohjpnr01 (didn’t realize that they had them before) for the same price per disk so you know I had to get those (ricohjpnr01’s often give pif under 2 for me). Thier is only one spike that goes above 4 on the ricohjpnr00 so well just have to see how well the continue to burn (I can always return them if I change my mind) but the pi’s are looking pretty good to on them.

I’m still running through a 100 spindle of the 03 stuff. My s203b seems to like it pretty well, goes 18x with it usually with low error burns. Hmm, wonder when I got this stuff seeing how the 00 stuff must have been current when the thread started, anyways it is pretty good stuff depending on your drive. I’ve still got some 4x and 2.4x rated stuff I bought back when I was playing with my Sony 500a, Nec 2500, and liteOn 811, I do think the 2.4 stuff maybe the 00 media. I guess it is, I have a reply in here about it from back then…:bigsmile: