RICOHJPNR00 good or bad

i see fuji on sale for 3.50 & look like they are RICOHJPNR00 how good or bad are they as i am going to order more ty’s might get one or two tub’s of these at the same time :slight_smile:

R00 is 2.4x :confused:
Search here for some quality test.
Where on sale?

I don’t know about R00’s but I love the R01’s, 4x media that burn beautifully on my ND-3500 at 8x. They actually quality scan a little better than my TY and Verbs. :iagree:

yes but looking up l&d moded firmware can goto 8x

o i admit i’m a bit thick can’t read scan graph’s i suppose i could if i red how to but i’m not an computer geek :bigsmile: