RICOHJPND01C media on 1673@1693



I bought 20 MediaRange DVD+R DL certified write speed: 8x ! :slight_smile:
the media descriptor is :
Disc Type DVD+R DL
Book Type DVD-ROM
Manufacturer Ricoh Company Limited

My recorder is SOHW-1673S @ SOHW-1693S. :flower:
EEPROM wasn’t never be reseted or modified
First disk recorded with original firmware version KC4B

Others disks with modified firmware version Kc4B with following settings
Recommended Media Tweaks (rev 3-02 2005/07/15) with OmniPatcher
DVD read speeds
DVD-Rom 5= 16
DVD-Rom 9= 16
DVD +/-R = 16
DVD +/-RW= 16
DVD +/- R= 12
RICOHJPN D001-02 write speed 4x
[/IMG]RICOHJPND01C recorded @2x with modified KC4B.JPG[ IMG]
[/IMG]RICOHJPND01C recorded @4x with modified KC4B.JPG [IMG]

As you see, results are bad :Z but better then the disk is recorded @4x ! :confused:
So the result is unworking disks :a due to too many errors :sad: … especialy on second layer of the disk. :doh:
On which recorder these medias work the best (if possible…:|) :bow:
With Omnipatcher, is it possible to swap write strategy with an other DVD+R9 one?
Do I need to reset EEPROM?
Thanks for your response :bow:


Nobody can help me ? :’(


Your problem is most likely the media.
Most here agree, the [I][B]only[/B][/I] DL media worth
buying is Verbatim.


Those are fakes also…they put a fake media code on them. always write at 2.4x max and good luck.


Throw the discs away, no recorder can burn the second layer properly.

Very low quality fake media.