RicohJpn03 very bad on PX708A, why?


just recorded some 16x Ricoh media with a Plextor 708A, latest Firmware, and scanned the result in my Benq 1640, horrible result, is that normal?



It was designed to burn at 16x not 8x. This is one instance were buring faster will produce better quality.

It’s more likely that Plextor hasn’t implemented a good write strategy for 16x media for the 708A.

@Jakie78. Do you have another drive to scan that with. Just an FYI. My BenQ’s will sometimes scan my Plextor 716A Burns just like yours and with the Plextor or NEC the scans are fine. Mostly shows up with -R media for some reason unknown to me.:wink:

Hi crossg,

yes I scanned with the Plex 716A, and especially the PIE-curve looks similar, especially looking at the zone-borders (4x -> 8x), getting better towards the outer border of the disc, but still noticeable high. And the jitter is extremely bad (up to -0.50) with the Plextools, Beta seems okay.

On the good side, the disc can be read flawlessly even on my oldest dvd drive, strange.



No. It’s not. But i suspect it’s not a mechanical fault of your drive, but a bad writing strategy in the current firmware. I’ve made similar bad experiences with Verbatim +r 16x (MCC 004 00) and the 708a.

Please report this to Especially offer to forward scans you’ve made. I’ve done likewise with my results on Verbatim.

I’ve also submitted complain about TTG02 media bad results… will let community know if I get any reply or fix