Ricohjpn w11 and px708a problem

I’ve got some imation dvd+rw 4x (adip is ricohjpn w11)
There is some media detection problems (see my other post:slow media detection)
Is anybody else have that kind of media (imation or other brand with ricoh w11 adip )?
Are they good or bad.
I ask cause hotline told me to test other media but i bought 10 of those and i’m really pissed off if this is an incompatibility with these media.

Px708a is epxensive and i think it should be perfect with every good media and most of low cost stuff (dvd with adip,without adip are real crap).
Is my drive having ptoblem or imation/ricoh are bad dvd?

Imation 4 X DVD+ R( RicohJPN) is a good DVD blank slice

thanks for replying but i’m talking about dvd+rw .
i’ve got dvd+r and dvd-R from verbatim and no prob.
But with imation dvd+rw media detection is slow and sometimes failed.
But when the dvd is detected everything is ok.
But waiting 30 sec and have to retry twice is no good for me.

Sorry, did not buy the imation DVD+ RW, used the Ritek DVD+ RW heel Victor DVD+ RW and TDK DVD+ RW etc.( is all a same dye), use the situation all good

ok i bought some sony and philips (philips are compatible media)
Blanck dvd ok.(detection is fast 15 sec)
When i burn on it(nero incd dla alcohol…) problems come back.
Even if i erase the dvd.
I guess it’s a burning problem (laser calibration or power).
Asked for rma trough web page on
Wait and see.