RICOHJPN vs. RITEK R02 (Odd experiences)

We all hear people praise Tayo Yuden and RicohJPN discs as being the top picks. I’ve usually gotten good results with RICOHJPNR01 and always used that.

Recently as I got new spindles of discs made by RICOHJPN I started to notice that the quality standards are going down it seems. I also got a spindle of 100 Maxell DVD+Rs and found out they were RITEK R02 - I would expect that the RICOH would be better - Well to my surprise I went through my entire spindle of RICOH and the kprobes are much higher (they are most of time within specs, but usually average in the 50-90 throughout the disc and peak up to 300-400 at the end of the disc. When using RITEK R02, strangely, the kprobe results are excellent, 10-15 evenly spread, and a much lower TOTAL PIFs. As scanned on both writers with same results. I’ve done some tests by burning some DVD VIDEOS and found out that on a lot of RICOHJPN discs there were occasional freezing and skipping while the RITEKs I burnt played PERFECT from start to finish.

Question is - have RICOHJPN’s standards changed by any chance ? Have RITEK discs improved ? Is it true that RICOHJPN and RITEK R02 is not that different and both are good ? I heard horror stories about RITEK but personally it is doing quite well - considering I had horrid results in the past with the SAME RITEK R02’s… Can I expect RITEK R02’s to be long lasting as much as the RICOHJPN ? Meaning will they stop playing after 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc…

I’ve had the same experiences with some CMC discs…with even better kprobes and playability.

Also I hear people recommend the VERBATIMs, those discs are pretty expensive and in my opinion aren’t worth a damn CRAP!

I use ridata ricohjpn +R discs exclusively without issues on my standalone player, xbox, and PC

I know what you mean Rimmer. I have used Ricoh, Ritek02 and now CMCE01. Originally I was buying from a shop that was selling Ritek dvd+r’s, but they were actually Ricoh, then when I bought a spindle of them the next time they ended up being Ritek02. I was very disappointed thinking I was fucked from what I’d heard people say about Ritek’s, but I have had only great results with these. Then I decided I wanted to buy from somewhere that I could use my credit card. So, I went to check out JPL Displays and they didn’t have Ritek dvd+r’s oddly enough, so I went with TDK dvd+r’s knowing that they were CMCE01, but thought I would try them anyway. I have had great results with these as well with the PIF’s only going up to 2. I really don’t know why people bag Ritek and CMC. They both work great for me. I think it’s because people here always are into trying to burn beyond what the dvd is actually “rated” for.

Remember people go by experiences. It’s a question of consistency between batches. You can end up with a very bad batch of CMCs, and on another spindle end up with half and half, and on another spindle all good.

However, from my own experience I have ended up with consistently poor RICOHJPN. Where the disc starts ok and at the end the PIF peaks to over 400!

For this reason I use Maxell DVD+R, in spindles of 100, they are RITEK R02 made… I use the Yuden002 strat, and burn on my 1633. I use the 811S as a baseline for kprobing, for a worse scenario, seeing as the 811S is not the best reader… And even on my 811S I get OUTSTANDING Kprobes for my RITEKR02s…PIS no more than 12 and PIFs no more than 2… And the best part, the total number of PIFs are very low too! They plan fine on even the most fussy players AND inspecting discs one by one I notice no defects… So far I have been getting consistently good RITEKR02’s. Even if I burn with a strat swap the KPROBES are within specs and lower than RICOHJPN. This was not the case a while ago when I had poor results with RITEKR02 - for some strange reason all the batches I am getting are good.

You can never rely strictly on ONE disc or ONE batch - Results VARY, unfortunatlely, which is why I take the time to scan each disc and keep a record.

ALL the discs I have burnt from over a year ago playback perfectly still and kprobes are similar and have not increased. So this is good news.

If you are burning RITEK R02, try using omnipatcher, but instead of using the recommended RICOHJPNR02 start, try using the YUDEN0002 start and let me know how it works for you - Note that I have NEVER reset my eeprom.

Guess now with the RITEKR02’s I am getting kprobes better than my colleagues get on their non liteon drives - :slight_smile: It makes me happy - Goes to show you LITEON is not so bad after all - You either end up with a GOOD drive or a bad drive…if you end up with a bad drive, return it and get a new one - :smiley:

I don’t even know how to add a strat onto my drive. I only recently figured out how to flash it to a different FW. Currently I’m burning CMCMAGE01 & R02. So, not sure if you want to switch between different media’s if you should put a specific disc strat on it?

You are not ADDING a start - you are simply CHANING / SWAPPING them.


When the burner detects a RICOHJPNR01 it will use a RICOHJPNR01 strat.

You can tell your burner to use ANOTHER media strat instead. You can only do this through omnipatcher - Don’t experiment with things unless you read the documentation and you know what you are donig! Always keep backups of your EEPROM and a stock firmware handy! You will need some trial and errors as results vary for different people as all drives are calibrated differently.

Okay, thanks. I’ll be sure to read up on all that then before doing something dreadful to my burner.