RICOHJPN R03 - bad bonding




I have a couple 100 stacks of these printable Memorex MID RICOHJPN R03.
The first half of the first stack was burning beautifully but from that point forward I started getting horrible burns.
I tried burning with various drives, setting different burn speeds, taking media from different parts of both stacks but nothing seemed to sort out the problem. Inspecting the burned discs with a magnifiying glass under bright light showed no apparent signs of a bad dye pattern but still I was getting PO Failures literally in the hundreds of thousands, I mean these discs were unreadable.
Tonight I made my latest attempt to see if I could find the problem with these media. I hooked the edge of an unburned disc with my fingernail and Woah! The disc just started to peel apart…Well I guess I found the problem.

Pic 1: A ‘normal’ scan result on these discs.
Pic 2: Unburned disc hooked with a fingernail.


The magic of Ritek at work here (they make RICOHJPN media). Good to know this though, maybe we’ll get the good fortune to see the same issues that plague Ritek G05 strike RICOHJPN R03. :Z The burn quality of the +R RICOHJPN and Ritek media has not been that great in general from 8x-16x, but I have not seen the deterioration issues that plagues the -R media find it’s way to the +R media. Hopefully that doesn’t happen but what you’ve found in these discs suggests that it may find its way to the +R media as well. :a


Before you think Ricoh media is immune to the lifespan issues that plague Ritek, I should show you these before and after scans of Sony branded RICOHJPNR01:

above burned late may/early June 2005

above is the same disc scanned early March, 2006

I have 2 other Sony RICOHJPNR01 like this.

re: bonding, it’s quite unusual for Ritek to be poorly bonded. In fact Ritek media is usually the best bonded in the industry. Interestingly, it’s Taiyo Yuden and Maxell are often two of the worst. :eek:


Sorry to hear about your bad media pchilson :sad: Please provide more info about where you bought this media, batch/serial number (have problem to read from your pic).

@[buck] :disagree: , I’ve burned hudreds of RICOHJPN-R01 discs in the past two years and can’t agree with you about their longevity/quality issues. (You can find some of my burns/scans in this thread.)

Rescanned two old burns today. What do you say about my quality with “same” media… :bigsmile:
Note, all dates on discs from date of burning.


Hmm so far riteks bonding has been prety good. I wonder if they are screwing up on this on or this is a incident.
Hmm looks like bonding is really a problem for any manufacturer these days.


No problems out of my FujiFilm branded Ricohjpn R01’s - burned the same day as Pinto’s first scan. This was burnt with a Pioneer 106d.



This media was supplied by Memorex.
Again, let me restate, the first 50-60 discs from the first 100 pak I opened turned out wonderful burns. The problems started at that point and they have exhibited the same issue in the 2nd 100 pak as well.
As dakhaas says this may be an isolated incident as I have seen no other reports of this problem anywhere.

Pic of the packaging.

The kprobe of this same media from the first 100 pak when burned for the Mad Dog MD-16XDVD9-8X DVD Burner Review.

Here is a scan of the hub from one of the discs.


pinto2, don’t get my wrong, I am in no way saying most RICOHJPNR01 is bad. The vast majority of it is excellent, in fact, all of 50+ RICOHJPNR01/R02 discs I have that aren’t defective are holding up excellently. Better than TY in fact.

I’m just trying to say it appears there are some defective batches of this stuff floating around, and that RICOHJPN is not a totally safe bet! :slight_smile: