Ricohjpn r03 and LiteOn LDW-411S



[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On LDW-411S/451S. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I bought a Memorex 16x DVD+R spindle. DVD Identifier says they are RICOHJPN R03. The 411S is a 4X writer. But when I put this media in my drive, Nero only has the option to burn at 2.4x. DVD Identifier also says that the combination of drive and disc will result in 2.4x maximum speed. Why is this? The media supposedly supports 4x.

I don’t know if it matters but DVD Identifier was not able to use Method 1 for the query, it only worked for Method 2. I used a blank disc for it. My firmware is FS0K.

The DMA setting in device manager is DMA 2 (Ultra 33). Note that I can burn CDs at full speed (40X).

Is this just a compatibility quirk or is there something wrong with my config?


It’s due to the burner not having support for that newer media in it’s firmware - the 2.4x is a “default” write strategy, used when the firmware doesn’t support a media.

So you’re stuck with 2.4x, or time for a newer burner, sorry to say.


Since it’s an older drive, you may try to use OmniPatcher [one of the Read Firsts in the LiteOn forum] to give your 411S support for RICOHJPN R03 at 4x.

Get the Flash Utility [also a read first in the LiteOn forum] and read the firmware from your drive. You should end up with a 1 MB .BIN, I think.

Now open up OmniPatcher, and drag-and-drop the firmware into the window. OP should load the firmware. Now navigate to the tab labeled “DVD Media Support”. Scroll down to the entry labeled RICOHJPN R01 02. Rename it “RICOHPN R03 04” [you’ll have to change the Type ID R01 to R03, and the Rev. ID 02 to 04].

Save the edited firmware and flash it to your drive. You should have 4x available, but I can’t promise that the quality will be as good as with a modern drive, as you’re still writing to 16x-rated media at a fairly slow 4x.


Forgot about Omnipatcher, been so long since I used it! :doh: