Ricohjpn R01

What is the above mentioned MID like?

Also what is the rated recording speed…Is it 4x?

I just got quite a few of these (Branded Fujifilm +R) cheap :cool:

great discs at 4x on most burners, great burns at 8x on NEC, Benq (probably others) and excellent burns at 12x (depending on batch) with benq1640 @ bskb stock.

you can’t lose with these.

It’s brilliant if discs are good and i believe Fujifilm will be. (From 4 50 pcs tubs Datawrites i bought recently one tub was bad= not the ricohjpnr01 kprobe graphs i’m used to and different from the other 3 i got there. Bye bye Datawrite ;)) Should burn very well up to 8x. Some go to 12x. Personally i’m not that much in a hurry so i use 4x or 6x and it’s pretty :smiley:

I burned a lot of RICOHJPNR01. Those branded TDK, Fuji and Sony were simply perfect. All my drives liked them very match (NEC 1300, 2500, 3500, 3540, Liteon 832s, Benq 1640). PIE/PIF scans at least as good as TY’s. NEC 2500 and later, as well as Benq 1640 burn them @ 8x perfectly. Imation branded R01’s were of lower quality, though also acceptable. If TY disks were non-existant, I would use RICOHJPNR01 from mentioned above brands.

RICOHJPNR01 (4x DVD+R) is one of the best media ever made. Too bad RICOHJPNR02 (8x) is not that good. However RICOHJPNR03 (16x DVD+R) looks nice.