RICOHJPN R01 or Other?

Can anyone tell what these are most likely to be, RICOHJPN R01 or something else?

If that is from where I think it is (Ebay?), the ones I received were indeed RICOHJPN R01. I had also picked up some of the 4X Imation from him and they were also R01. Have bought a few things from him and was always satisfied.
Now, I bought these from him maybe 6-8 weeks ago so his stock may have changed, but for the most part all of the 4X +R Fuji I have picked up over the years has been RICOHJPN R01 which I really like.
Both brands (Fuji & Imation) burn very nice in my 1640.

In my recollection, Fuji with no speed rating was Ricoh R00. 4x rated was R01.
The R00 could actually be better quality even burned at 8x with the right drive/FW combination.