RICOHJPN R01 (002) for use on PS2


I’m after any opinions on whether the RICOHJPN R01 (002) (Richo, TDK + 4X) would be a good choice for PS2 game backups? They are very well priced locally and I’m looking to backup most of my PS2 games. Has anyone used these for that particaular application? Any advice is appreciated.


depends if your PS2 like +r discs. My V5 ps2 plays these ricoh’s fine but i have my discs bitsetted to -rom. I wouldn’t be surprised if they played without bitsetting, but it depends on your version of ps2.

I recently bought myself a spindle of 100 OEM RICOHJPNR01 with the shiney silver tops. I use the DVDs mainly for backing up my movies and data, but not for PS2 games. What I can attest though is that these discs are of superior quality and possibly on par with my TYG02s.

I have a V7 PS2 and so far I’ve backed up a few of my games with the TDK versions. I have been setting them to DVD-ROM in decrypter cause I don’t think my 4163B burner has any settings to chage it as default.

Where did you happen to find OEM Ricoh JPNR01’s?

Probably here .

and also at (where i found 100 packs)

You can also buy it as TDK 4x DVD+R’s in 25 spools here in australia.

As mentioned above, alot of it depends on your particular PS2. Most newer versions will read them just fine but it can varry from PS2 to PS2 regaurdless of version. Setting the booktype to DVD-ROM is a must IMHO with DVD+R on the PS2 (or any other application). A quality DVD-R disc is your best bet on all versions of PS2s though.

Thanks for the replies guys. The ones I’ve been using are the TDKs.

Which DVD-R discs would you recommend that would be about the same quality as the RICOHJPN R01 (002) I’ve been using? I can get those for $0.40 (aussie dollars) in a pack of 100 so I’m looking at something for around the same cost.

I am jealous of it. :wink:

I am personally using CMC(Philips, HP), Prodisc(Smartbuy, Digimaster), Mitsubishi/Verbatim, Sony etc.

That works out to 52c ea/100 but i’m sure shipping would be a bitch from USA to Australia :wink:

I guess JPL’s TY 4x oem’s work out to ~60c each ?

I guess JPL’s TY 4x oem’s work out to ~60c each ?

Don’t forget to factor in freight costs :slight_smile:

Take a look at some of the australian media deals in the bargain basement.