RICOHJPN-D01 (+DL media) on latest Samsung and old BenQ

Okay, here’s the deal. Burned three discs, same content (old movie) with ImgBurn on Samsung SH-S203N, Samsung SE-[B]S184M/B and a BenQ DW1650. All burns at 4x.
Media; RICOHJPN-D01, MediaRange branded.
Disc burned on BenQ is the only one I can watch on my TV when played in my standalone DVD players.

Note, my aged NEC ND-3500 will also burn this media readable, but when watching on TV movie skips.

What’s your experience with Samsung burners and crap DL media?


Samsung SH-S203N

Samsung SE-S184M (external version of S182M)

BenQ DW1650 (crossflashed DVD8801)

That bored, huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I don’t feed that crap into my burners to test them. I’d more likely to keep the spindle container than the discs.

[QUOTE=KTL;1945822]That bored, huh? :stuck_out_tongue: …[/QUOTE]:iagree:


I don’t think that RICOHJPN-D01 or even CMC MAG-D0x is crap , they are about the same quality as MKM-00x , it is burners that are more optimized for MKM DL media because maybe it is complicated and expensive for ODD manufacturers to optimize their burners for more than one DL MID :wink:

On the other hand , I don’t like my 203 because all my other burners produce much nicer burns !

I think that CMC MAG D04 is the only CMC MAG D0* media that is worth to be bought yet.

I don’t think the 8x +RDL Ricohs are crap but there seems to be a rather wide variance in quality available.

My Samsung sure has no problems with them, even at full speed:

[U]Pinto2:[/U] Is there any “Made in” info on your mediarange discs or packaging? I’ve been using Made in Japan and India Ricohs with good results, but there also seems to be a Made in Taiwan variant.

[QUOTE=hwp;1953690]…Is there any “Made in” info on your mediarange discs or packaging? [/QUOTE]None “made in” info at all… :rolleyes:
As said, they are MediaRange ( branded and member [I]dakhaas[/I] thinks they can be made in China or Macao, linky. :smiley: