RICOHJNPR01 at 4X worse with 1.05

Version 1.05 has worsened the great burns I used to get with 1.04u on RICOHJPNR01 media (Memorex branded). I used to get PIE averages of < 0.10 and a max of 10 with about 21,000 total, and this was burned at 4X. The few I’ve done on that media since then have yielded PIE averages of > 0.20 (twice as bad!) with a max of 17 and about 32,000 total.

In summary 1.05 has increased total PIE errors by 50%, maximums by 70%, and averages by 100% on RICOHJPNR01 media. That given, the numbers are still very good. I’ve never had good results burning this at 8X…

On the other hand, I burned some MCC003 media (Verbatim branded) at 8X, and it seems markedly improved versus 1.04u! The numbers are even better than my RICOHJPNR01 burned at 4X. I used to burn all DVD-VIDEO at 4X on RICOHJPNR01 media because I liked the fact that it burned CLV with no re-linking, however I may need to consider burning 8X on MCC003 or YudenT02 media from now on!

Ford Man

Why are you complaining? Max of 17 is excellent. I can’t say this enough; the PI/PO tests are not a definitive test for disc quality, they are simply an indication. Have you checked if the discs you wrote with firmware 1.04 show the same PIE/PIF count with firmware 1.05? There are too many variables to directly compare scans even if you’re using the same drive.


I realize that 17 is excellent - I was only trying to make a comparison between firmwares since Plextor claimed they improved writing quality for all media types. Yes, I tested a DVD burned with 1.04u on the drive with 1.05 now (same drive that burned with 1.04u), and the scan looks almost exactly like the prior scan when the drive was still at 1.04u.

I’ve attached two scans showing marginal improvement of the Verbatim MCC003 media with 1.05 when burned at 8X. The first scan was when the drive was 1.04u and the second as 1.05:

What Gamefreak said. Besides, such minor differences can be attributed to the variation in media quality.