Ricoh to release their own Burnproof

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Ricoh in particular, has a new model on the horizon which boasts more competitive specs. They have just announced the MP9120A, which features 12x write, 10x re-write, 32x…

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if that’s true give me one
but what does it cost???
It’s all in one

Hehe… let me guess…

about $300

Is it indeed superior towards Plextor?

We’ll wait and see.

Sure it has great advantage incorporating DVD-ROM and a slightly better own patented version of Burn-Proof (JUST-LINK) but does it support RAW-DAO mode writing?
Does it support Overburning.

When these features would be incorporated then we can speak of a true Plextor killer until then it roels…but in second place…

StevieB from Romstore…

Can anybody tell me why plextor only uses the ‘burnproof’ feature on the IDE model and not on any SCSI drive ?
Is it that hard to have a buffer underrun with scsi ?

Plextor is coming out with a 12/10/32 scsi burn-proof drive this winter…

You just have to wait for the first drive to come…

Even though my Plextor 12/10/32A supports burnproof… a lot of software that I regularly use does not support burnproof. Still, I have made no coasters… although in these cases I do not attempt to stress the system.

It’s too bad that we cannot have one standard and Ricoh confuses things by coming out with their own - now all the software companies have to support another one… and many haven’t got around to supporting burnproof yet.

The Plextor 12/10/32A like StevieB said roels. The only place I disagree with StevieB is the Plextor is #1 all the way, especially when combined with Kenwood True-X 72. 80 copys and not 1 coaster all while on the net.

Fuck burnproof!

scsi dont need burnproof. any decent pci scsi card will never alow buffer-underrun.
so we dont need it.

burn-proof is good on ide drives but only a sucker would try to pirate there warez with an atapi job!

my last drive was a yam(scsi)
my next drive will be a plex(scsi)


Ummm, gee, I use and IDE cd-rw and gee, I never have buffer underrun probs…In fact, I’ve only made about 10 coasters in 3 1/2 years of burning…so ya can stick yer scsi crap. If ya know what yer doing…either is just as good…

question; is there a descent reason to wait for a scsi plex 12x10x32x ? because I have everything on scsi (hd,cdrom)

Hehe… I don’t have any buffer underrun probs with my Sony CRX100e…