Ricoh (TDK) +R

I have a DVD player, known to play most anything (Pioneer DV525), and use mainly TDK+R’s (Ricoh discs). Most of them play fine, but sometimes it seems that the player looses calibration and the picture gets all messed up, sometimes even freezes. If I eject the disc and resume where I left off, it usually playes fine. My brother in law has a PS2 and has the same problems with the TDK’s I burn, only worse than what I’m experiencing. My parents-in-law have a farly cheap DVD player that does play +R’s, just not the TDK’s I burn.

In short, although I haven’t done any KProbe’s, i don’t think the burn quality is very good. Anyone else have these problems?

Tried burning @4 and @8 speed. Using HS0K, burning with Nero


People are saying that nero support for lite-on drives is in the latest version You can upgrade to that.

Try a different burning program and see if that helps.

I have ricohjpnr01 that I burn at 8x and they work great. I would suggest using the latest firmware (HS0P) and I would use the bit setting tool to change the +r to -ROM. That makes a big difference at least for me.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the suggestions, but these are things I have thought have already.

I don’t think the problem is with Nero, as the DVD’s are conformant tot DVD standards (most of them play fine, at least on the computer) and Nero has no influence on writing strategy AFAIK. Using bitsetting wouldn’t change a thing, since all discs start to play without problem. Problems only occur well into the movie.

Might try HS0P, but will try other media as well.


Probably a meida problem.
Try scanning with Kprobe (see Kprobe area in tools guide found in my sig) and you will be able to answer your own question.

I found HS0k to be best for dvd+r writing. This gives me the best Kprobe scans.

Post a Kprobe scan here of the TDK discs you’ve burned.

@Ssseth: Link to the ‘Official KProbe guide’ doesn’t work…

Will search for and install KProbe. Will get back to you/

Anyone else shares Androlight’s feelings about HSOK?


Thanks, I’ll fix the link in a minute.

Kprobe thread

Thanks for the link, but I’ve already found KProbe. Can’t start it, immediately reboots. After disabling the reboot in XP’s control panel, I get a blue screen reporting problems with axwskbus.sys. Tried 2 different ASPI layers, started clean with KillASPI.bat. No help. All I see (very briefly) is a small white box saying something about scanning.

I would like to provide you guys with KProbe scans, but not until I get this sorted out.


If you don’t mind, post the question in that thread so that the knowledge doesn’t get get scattered if you don’t mind :bigsmile:

Originally posted by loermansa
[B]@Ssseth: Link to the ‘Official KProbe guide’ doesn’t work…

Will search for and install KProbe. Will get back to you/

Anyone else shares Androlight’s feelings about HSOK?

Arjan [/B]

Yes, I agree with Androlight about HS0K being best for +r writing. However, if you want good -r performance as well, go for HS0E which also has only slightly worse +r performance.

KProbe runs, I’ve ran KillASPI and didn’t install any ASPI layer. Now KProbe runs.

I have to check 4 speed, 8 ECC, right? I’ll make scans and post them


I guess this looks alright? Nothing amazing but not too bad. Only one spike, the rest within safety margins.

This is a pretty horrible one. Previous wat traxdata by the way. This one is TDK

It varies, this one seems quite alright, except for that one spike. Problem is I can’t remember with what speed I burned them.

Always that one spike, what could that mean? I believe I burnt this one @ 6 speed

Apart from that second scan, these results are very good! I for myself don’t regularly get these results from my 811S…

As far as that spike is concerned, it’s probably something very innocent about your specific drive. Don’t worry!!


please never ever kprobe with max checked . you should always kprobe with 4x8ecc , with max un-checked, the max scans look nice but there are meaningless

As all others scan with 4x8ecc so please redo all scans at 4x8ecc no max checked and we will tell you how your scans are.

Alright, this is my last scan, redone without ‘max’ selected


your scan is within the spec for a good burn pi is under 180 and po is under 32. This is good scan, I have seen better , but its within the standard set for dvd scan to be good.

This is a scan I did today of memorex ricohjpn-R01 media I burned at 8x

Zebra mod beta test eeprom_Y, this is newer then v4. a not released yet patch.