Ricoh +RW x8

these discs can not be erased/or even recognised by pc when written by pc -ulead programs, nor when they are initialised by Sony GX210 dvdr and written-to,anybody got a solution please?

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Are you sure that your burner support 8x rewritable discs?

hi there thanx.
pretty sure have Nec ND 3510 latest firmware & lg GSA 4163B also latest.latest nero & ulead movie fact4 ,& vso software (erase progs) latest software updates,but they either completely destroy these discs,or fail to erase or reformat them!!I’m lost

Those drives do not support 8x RW media. They should be able to read one, but that’s all.

Ok Thanx For Info - Guess It’s About Time I Bin Them Them,thanx Again

The 4163B does indeed support 8x DVD+RW media. I have no problems writing Ricoh 8x DVD+RW with mine.