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Hi everyone! This is my first post on this forum, so wish me luck. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking about getting my first DVD burner and I think I’m going to get a Liteon SOHW-812S. I’ll use Traxdata 4X DVD+R media mostly, which seem to be RICOHJPNR01 according to the DVD Media List.

I want to use my DVD burner for data backup, so my question is this: For how long will I be able to restore my data from the DVD’s? I’ve heard that DVD’s break down over time but as I said I’m new to DVD burning so I really don’t know much.

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I don´t think anybody can give you a straight answer on this…there are to many variables to deal with; burn quality, storage, temperature, light, aso. :wink:
In general. And please use the SEARCH-button for more info.

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Oh, sorry :slight_smile: maybe someone could move this to the media forum?

I’ve read a bit more now, for example I checked the URL you gave me, and I think I’ve gotten the answer I was looking for now, thanks!

Oh, btw, I’ve heard that, for example, Princo has a really low reliability… it made me wonder: does Ricoh have better/worse reliability than the average DVD+R?


Regarding RICOH´s reliability, I have´t seen any scientific test on this matter yet… :cool:

And Princo´s…this post says it all. :iagree:


I recently bought a 50 spindle of Ricohs branded as Maxell.
They sucked greatly.
I was burning some videos on them as SVCDs so I could watch them on my DVD player, and every single one had problems playing near the last 20 mins of the videos. I could play them on my computer OK, but not in my DVD player. Also, one in 5 or so just plain didnt work at all.

I ended up ordering a 100 spindle of Taeo Yundian or however you spell it, and copying them all to those discs.
They worked perfectly on my DVD player after that.

I tested a few in the latest version of Kprobe and the Ricoh ones were getting almost 25000 errors per disk. The Taeo Yundian were getting only 2000 errors.

edit: I forgot to add, these were CDRs!! NOT DVDs. So take that for whats its worth, which may be nothing.


Lol, alright :bigsmile:

Thanks, both of you, for your replies!