Ricoh REAL R01's - $19 per 100 + Shipping

I have had decent results with r02. But r01 seems to burn better at 8x than r02. Also, I have never used r03, but the scans I’ve seen around here have been pretty bad compared to other 16x discs. But I’m sure some firmware updates can improve burning quality.

Here is a scan on one I burned. This is without doing anything with firmware to try to improve it. Not the greatest but good enough (as long as they don’t get worse than this) considering they were 12 cents a piece!!! I got lots of ricohjpnr01 if I want a really clean burn for something important.

I purchased 200 of these Ricoh JPNR01 discs, and so far I am not really happy. I burned one at 8x on my Benq 1640, really bad. Then one at 12x on my Nec 3540, really bad. Then 4x on the Nec3540, still really bad. Then one at 4x on the Benq 1640, which came out acceptable, but not bragging quality. Then finally, I tried 8x on my Liteon 1693, and this produced a nice result.

I’m not sure whether the first few discs were bad, or whether the Liteon is the only drive that likes these discs, or both of the above.

It’s hard to say. Liteons do have a rep for really liking this media. I primarilly burn them on my liteon at 8x though they burn and scan very good on my nec 3500 too. I would say either try diffrent firmware with you nec and benq, try burning at 8x on them and see if that helps, or just use them with the liteon only. Since a lot of people have bought these recently, perhaps we should start discussing what firmwares everybody is using that burns well. I am using vsob (applied recomended tweaks and upped the burn speed in omnipatcher) on my liteon 851s@832s, and I am using 2fc (maddog firmware) on my nec3500. Both burn and scan very well. They do not burn very well on my aopen 1608/1616 with a couple of firmwares (can find which firmwares apon request).


Here are a few of my Quality Scans-

Note that the second one was at 16x - so I do not think that a 84 score is all that bad for 4x media-eh!



Here’s a couple more-


Bigmike, how good do they look scanned on a 1640? :slight_smile:


There are two scans on the 1640 crossflashed to EW164B above-


He meant SCANNED on the 1640, not burned on the 1640. Burns look good once again, Mike. Makes you wonder how far you can overspeed the RICOHJPN R00 discs, just for the hell of it. 2.4x discs at 16x with useable results would be impressive, although 8x is fast enough for me. Very rarely do I burn over 8x, but the ability to overspeed with good results is a good sign of high quality media.


Sorry - gave up trying to compare scans between 1640 and 1693s - so now only scan with the 1693s and compare between CDSpeed Quality Scans and Kprobe to verify-

Could never get the 1640 and Kprobe to resemble one another-

Also - sticking with one scanning standard makes comparisons much more understandable for me-


I can now state with a fair degree of certainity that the first few discs from the top of the pack were bad. The first five that I burnt were bad (B-A-D), and the next 4 have been excellent. Really night and day difference, and on the same drives.

I’m happy that I don’t have to throw away the 200 discs, but I’m not so happy that I have to keep testing. After all, what’s to say that I won’t encounter more bad discs?

I reported in an earlier post That I had seen 4-5 bad discs in a row after 2 perfect burns. These were on 3 diferent drives and I also didn’t really want to have to test every discs waiting to see how many I would actually get for my money.

The good news is that Allmedia was very accommodating and I got an RMA and will be exchanging for Burnmaster TY with no additional shipping. Not too bad, considering.

I really wish these were all good. The good burns I got were some of the best I have seen, and they were at 8X.

Yo chas0039-

SO sorry that you had bad experiences with these-

I have burned 10-15 with zero coasters and on all four of my burners (3500 - 1640 - 3540 and 1693s)-

Just hope the other 380 are as good-eh!

btw - I also was impressed with All Medias customer service-