Ricoh REAL R01's - $19 per 100 + Shipping


Ya - I know that this has been posted before - but I just got mine and have done a few Quality Scans on tests that I have done on my NEC 3540 - LiteOn 1693s and BenQ 1640 crossflashed to a EW164B - so here goes-

Got up to 8x and is pretty close in quality to Tayio Yuden 8x T02

First the NEC 3540



Oops - heres the link:



Next we have the 1693s-

As you can see - the LiteOn burns at rated speed-

My experience with this LiteOn is that it gets ‘used’ to (learns?) discs and the scans get better over time-


Next is the BenQ 1640 crossflashed to a EW164B-

First one is with SB=on OS=on and WOPC=on

Not bad for a 4x disc burned at 12x IMO

The next is with SB=on OS=off and WOPC=off - gives the 'ole 4x burn - and a pretty good one at that IMO


The last scan is the BenQ with SB=on OS=on and WOPC=off-

This is 4x media reaching 16x and the resulting burn - even at 64 - is not really that bad considering the stress that is being put on the media - and the BenQ ‘learns’ the media - so this score will get somewhat better in future burns-

The good thing is that this burner will indeed burn 4x media - and pretty darn good too IMO-


So after spending a couple of hours with this media - you can understand why I ordered 200 more (came out to under $50 including shipping and CA tax) - giving me a total of 400 for this week-

I am personally going to stock up before they are gone forever-



The deal is at Allmedia Outlet here:

Be sure to use coupon code ‘ricoh4off’ at check out to get your $4 per 100 discount (doesn’t seem to work with the 200 packs - but they are the same price anyway)-

Good stuff for not very many bucks and in a league with Tayio Yuden quality-

Happy Burnin’


Scans look pretty good Mike. On my Benq and NEC burners I typically get quality scores of around 95-97 with PIF totals of 200-600, at 4x and 8x. Great discs, told ya that they were:p

I’d be curious to see a burn at 12x on your 1640, considering that the 1640 at 16x usually gives those ‘false’ results with the odd spikes towards the edge. I’ve got a 1640 but it’s currently in an external enclosure that is limited to 8x burn speeds…

Yo s-

The first BenQ scan is at 12x - if you look real carefully-

I am finding the 1640 xflashed to EW164B actually gives better QS with the WOPC turned off - so assume that the QS would have been better with this burn had I done that-


This is really a great deal. I am going to order some right away. If Big Mike tested them, I know they are good.

These are some burns posted with this media from ALLMedia.You shouldnt be disappointed :smiley:

Yo GoRm-

Good scans!!


Well, I just ordered 200. The coupon code is still good, cost me $48.18 for 2 x 100 packs delivered via Ground shipping to Texas.

Yo Henry-

Hope that you like them as much as I do - and at a great price too-eh!!

Happy Burnin’


The link says “sales price $23” and when I click to buy, I get a message that reads"

“Please note that coupons cannot be combined”.

When I try to enter “ricoh4off”, the price remains at $23 per 100 with the same message about combining coupon codes.

Yo WP-

Yup - I tried it also - and the coupon thingie no longer works-

However at $23 per 100 - it is still a kicka$$ price for some kicka$$ medias-

(is cheaper than the 4x Taiyo Yuden that we all got so excited about a few weeks ago - from Shop4tech)

Suggest buying at least 200 or more to get the shipping down to a reasonable level-


The 16x DVD+R Office Depot brand media on sale 2 for 1 ($24.99) is Ricoh Japan R03 is the media code

It’s too bad that 16x Ricoh is nowhere near the quality of their 4x discs. :frowning:

If you have one of the 50% off paper coupons (that they mail out) it’s still worth it (I hope, r03 has done ok for me in the past). The guy at od said I don’t think that these can be used together. I told him other people had been using them so he entered the coupon and it took it so no more argument. Two packs for 12.49$ (bogo free plus 50% off). Couldn’t resist.
Oops, corection, r02 worked ok for me in the past. I have never even used r03 before so I’m kind of curious.