Ricoh +R 4x R01 - Last Of The High Quality Ricohs


Looks like this is last call for the ‘good’ Ricoh’s

See my thread and scans here:

Super low price and when they are gone - they are gone because they are no longer made-


JPN R01 is still widely available in many brick and morter stores, as old Memorex, Fuji and TDK 4x. You just have to look for it.

Be careful Memorex now is mostly CMC.

If you want RICOHJPNR01 Memorex +Rs, look for the YEAR on the packaging, if it says 2002 and earlier, it is more likely a RICOHJPNR01, if it is 2003 and latest, it is most certainly a CMC.

Most of the MEMOREX batches I’ve seen are CMC.

As far as RICOHJPNR02/R03 scans, they are not as good as R01, but still better than a lot of the crap out there including Riteks and CMC :slight_smile: The CMC batches from 2003 (memorex) were actually not bad, they had excellent scans, in many cases better than the RICOHJPN - but I wouldn’t count on anything being that good nowadays…better to stick with genuine TYs :slight_smile: and no I don’t work for TY :slight_smile:

My local CompUSA has about 1000 old Fuji 4x +R which are JPN-R01. Of course, they’re priced at $60 per 50, maybe that’s why they still have them?


Don’t know why they would have such a large stock at those prices - :confused: -duh!!

I just bought about 50 jewel cased Fuji RICOHJPN R01s at $0.40 CDN/disc. Very good stuff indeed.

Well you better stock up your basements pretty fast before RITEK takes over the world :slight_smile:

Maxell 4x+r are almost always ricohjpnr01 too, but they seem to be pretty scarce latlly. Heres a hint on finding them though. They have the same bar code as the 8x so they may be mixed in with them.

About the only RICOHJPNR01 I can still find at retail in GA are TDK 4x 100 disc spindles at BestBuy, and they’re still like $60 :rolleyes:

I don’t know what make them keep old inventory like this at such a high price. I went into best buy once (because thier were rumors about various older verbatims being on clearance cheap). The only thing I fould was an a single 50 pack of old 2.4x verbatiums, that had been opened (probably a return). They were marked 50$ (down from 100$) because they were an open pack. I checked and they were in fact still in the system for 100$. They acted like I was tying to get one over on them sugesting they may be cheaper in the system. I guess that they were to stupid to realize that they were selling 25 packs of 16x verbatim for 10$!!! Sad thing is, some sucker probably eventually bought them at that price thinking they were getting a deal.
Wouldn’t it make more sense to reduce the price earlier on discontinued items, than to let them sit on the shelf till they have little value at all, then have to clearance them for next to nothing? How much would you pay for 2.4x verbatims when 16x is 10$ per 25 at the same store?