Ricoh MP9120A coasters w/ CloneCD?

I recently upgraded to a Ricoh MP9120A from a TDK VeloCD and I have used CloneCD for a while. I have burned more coasters with the Ricoh even when using copy protection detectors. I have even tried using Playback when backing up games that use SD2 with no success. I just downloaded the newsest firmware and have yet to test it thoroughly. Are there any special setting in CloneCD (RAW modes?) that I should check? Also, during my boot process, I noticed that the drive is using PIO mode and not UDMA. The drive is set ti “auto” in the part of my BIOS that determines modes. I don’t know a lot about PIO mode and have never had a drive hooked up that way. Any help would be much appreciated!

Abit KT7 Mobo–latest BIOS
1.1Ghz Athlon T-bird
ATI Radeon 64mg
Aureal Vortex 2 sound
256 megs ram
Ricoh MP9120A DVD/CDRW–latest firmware
Clone CD and no other burning software installed.

According to the CloneCD compatibility list your writer is supported. I don’t know the exact difference between DMA and PIO, but I thought DMA was the follow up of PIO… I will check this.

Maybe you should try to disable your DMA on the writer. See if it helps…