Ricoh MP7320A help!

Hi all
I’m new to this so please correct me if I do anything wrong

I’m wondering if Ricoh MP7320A would make a 1:1 copy for COD??

and how do I know how many sheep is my Cd-RW?

thanks lots

Athlon 2000+
WD80Gb, Maxtor 40Gb
Radeon 9100 128Mb
Ricoh MP7320A 32/10/40
Samsung SC-152A 52Xmax
Enermax 400W

Hi Pheonix , if you want to test your burner for how may sheep . you can find a very good test at Womble’s Web site

Thanks for the recommendation coathi. Nice to know I have helped.

Pheonix. I already responded to your Pm before reading this but no worries. I checked out your drive and it seems it is a 0 Sheep drive. You will be able to check this out if you still want to.

COD = Call Of Duty. This game is protected with Safedisk 3.10. This means that the chances of making a 1:1 backup are 0%. Even making a backup with emulation could be a stretch and I would doubt that it would work.

You maybe able to get a image onto your hard drive though and you could then use the virtual dirve to run the game from there.

Hope some of that helps.

thanks for the help womble and coathi

today I try to write it as an image using Alcohol 120% I use the 2/3 default setting. It has read error from 800 something to 4000+ it took like 4 houres and a half but still going so I quit.

is it suppos to be like this??? I thought it only take about 3 hours.
or what have I done wrong. :confused:

Hi all

I’ve try it again but this time I use clone CD to read to image.
and I use default protected game setting.
the game copy fine within 30minute. Then I install the game(from virtual drive) the installation seem to be fine but when I try to play (from virtual drive) it said “please insert the correct cd”

anyone have any suggestion why this happen and what should I do??

thanks :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Womble
I checked out your drive and it seems it is a 0 Sheep drive.

Originally posted by Womble
[B]This game is protected with Safedisk 3.10./B]

These are the two main problems. Your CD Burner can’t read and burn the image properly you can’t copy this game. Even some “2 Sheep” drives have trouble copying this protection.

The best you could probably do is use it from the V-Drive. I see though that you are having problems even doing that. When you can’t even get a copy working from the V-Drive then it is normally time to upgrade your drive.

The only thing I could suggest is looking in this thread for some CloneD profiles. You may get a working copy for use in the V-Drive but I really think that is the best you are going to manage.

I did try with the profile and it still didn’t work I think u’re right get a new drive. :wink:

and thanks for all help