Ricoh Mp7125a?



G’day…been looking to upgrade the old mitsumi and well…there is only one place that i know of in australia that imports plextors and they are pretty damn pricey.

so i was looking at the ricoh mp7125A…from what i could gather this drive gets past safe disk2 and loves Clone CD.

anyone got any opinions/comments/suggestions ?
(BTW - cheapest plextor i can get is 3 times the price)



All i can tell you about this writer it`s really good.My Brother has sold many of them in his Computerstore and all costumers love this burner.

This Burner can copy Safedisc 2,but the copies only work in the Burner.

The Ricoh is full supported from Clonecd so buy one you`ll love it.

Good luck…



Ricoh uses the same chipset as Plextor? (Sanyo)


Go for a mitsumi 4804 or 4805, they seem to do SD2 ok.

Very good value as well.

Check out