Ricoh mp7083a

I have a Ricoh cd writer mp7083a, that has developed a problem, where the draw ejects when not in use. It is now that bad, that I have had to disconnect it. A friend, with the same model, also has the same fault. Can you please help?

Hi boffin and welcome aboard!

It could be that your eject button is triggered by something. I don’t suspect this to be due to software (NetBus is quite extinct nowadays) so I’d look for a problem in the hardware. I’ve seen this once before; dust was the cause (cleaned the device, problem was gone). It may be a good idea to pop off the front of your Ricoh drive and see if anything triggers the eject button…

Thanks dee-ehn for your reply.

I`ve tried cleaning the unit and also ran a virus check, but it is still the same.

Whats the next step?