Ricoh MP7083A stalls on spin up from stationary sometimes, why?

the subject really says it all. I have this Ricoh MP7083A CD Re-writer and recently it’s developed a fault where sometimes it fails to spin up once the CD has stopped completely.

I’m running it with the cover off and can see that sometimes when I insert the CD it spins up fine, othertimes it spins a half inch and stops as thought the motor has stalled or something.

It also exhibits the same behaviour when it’s been running but has stopped because it hasn’t been read for some time.

If I give it a little push start with my finger (just a gentle flick) it spins up just fine and works OK. It passes all the Nero CD Speed tests with flying colours.

I’ve cleaned out all the dust and the lens (wasn’t noticeably dirty anyway) and put a tiny drop of very light machine oil on one or two bits, the worm gear and the rails that the head slides on but I’m now stuck for what to do next.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?



Edit: This drop off in transfer rate spped can’t be good: