Ricoh MP5420A and 8x vs 16x read



Posted: Tue Jan 18, 2005 12:48 am Post subject: Ricoh MP5420A and 8x vs 16x read

Hey all,

As some of you may have read, I’m planning to get a DVD reader, probably a LG, Samsung or a LiteOn (or possibly an Aopen)

Anyway, another option I recently became aware of is I can get a Ricoh MP5420A which is a 4x4x (+R,+RW) burner. It’s also 8x DVD read, 40x CD read, 24x CDR and 10x CDRW. Although this is by no means the best and def not the fastest burner, it’s very cheap where I am (probably they’ve dumped the remaining stock on the suppliers here to get rid of).

Firstly, has anyone had any exp with this burner (also the Aopen DRW4410 since it’s the same thing)? From what I read, it appears to be a decent enough burner, not as good as my brothers GSA-4163BBK perhaps but it looks like I’ll be able to use it. The only bad thing I’ve come across is C’t had probs with CDRs.

One potential issue I see is that it’s firmware was last updated 24 March or so and I highly doubt I’m going to see anything new so I’m a bit worried it’s going to get worse and worse as the newer high speed media comes out. Opinions?

Secondly, how significant do you think the loss of 16x read speed will be? I’m probably going to be mostly using it with DVD+/-Rs burnt in my brothers writer (and mine if I get one) and possibly a few others I get from friends and stuff. I don’t expect to be dealing with that many true DVD-Roms. A few DVD-videos perhaps but probably not much ripping so this won’t matter that much. This is significant since I wonder whether I will get to 16x read most of the time anyway due to the fact I’ll mostly be dealing with burnt stuff. My brother has a good writer and we’ll probably be burning mostly fairly ok quality CDs (Ricoh and similar). What do you think? Although I could be wrong, I suspect the Ricoh might actually be a better reader than a DVD-Rom (if I get one) so it may actually be faster on average?

The 40x CD read speed doesn’t really worry me too much nor does the 24x CD write speed.

P.S. I currently have a CD writer but I’m unlikely to keep it if I get the DVD burner.

P.P.S. If you’re interested in the readers I’m looking at


BTW if you’re interested in the financial side of things:

This cost for the Ricoh is about 18% more then the LiteOn and 51% more then the Samsung. The LG is somewhere between those I think (I had thought the LG and Samsung were the same but on analysis this does not appear to be true). In any case, a bit more expensive but within my price range. Around half the next cheapest burner (which is more then I’m willing to pay)


P.P.P.S. I just found out that Toshiba and Samsung are jointly manufacturing drives. So I’m looking at a Toshiba DVD reader (cheapest), LG DVD reader (middle), Aopen (middle), LiteOn (highest I think is worth it) and the Ricoh writer


What’s MP5420A? DVD-ROM read-only drive?

GSA-4163BBK is a DVD writer that can read and write DVD disks.

Toshiba and Samsung jointly run TSST Corp. The South Korean part of TSST Corp. is in Suwon, South Korea, owned and run by Samsung group and the Japanese part of TSST Corp. is in Tokyo, Japan, owned and run by Toshiba. Some of TSST’s drives are jointly developed and manufactured. Older drives are either from Toshiba only or from Samsung only.


Yes, however all new drives are Toshiba/Samsung.

As mentioned, the Mp5420A is a DVD-writer, 4x +R, +RW, 8x DVD read; 24x CDR, 40x CD read. It is the only DVD writer I am considering. I was planning to get a DVD reader (DVD-rom) but as this drive is not much more then a DVD reader, I thought it was worth considering


There is Ricoh MP5240A. I don’t know what MP5420A is. If you were looking at Ricoh 4x DVD+R writer, it was probably Ricoh MP5240A. I’ve had one bought in Tokyo.


Sorry you right, I mean 5240A. I mixed up the numbers when writing the post.


I have a Ricoh DVD+rw mp5240a writer and I have had nothing but problems with it. Maybe it’s just me and maybe it’s my computer but so far it works for a while then it craps out on me. I have not been able to ever get the firmware to update. I am about ready to rip this burner from my computer and go buy a new burner. Thought I would just share my frustations with you