Ricoh MP5316D 16x16x4x DVD writer in Germany

From my Google search result, the only sources are in German.

88 Euro for bulk MP5316D. NEC ND-3500AG bulk’s lowest price is 84.20 Euro. 95 Euro for Pioneer DVR-108 bulk.

It isn’t neither listed in the Global and European Ricoh’s site.

Fun Computer, the cheapest shop listed at Geizhals (which means “cheapskate” btw.), is a reputable vendor, they normally are reliable. It says “3-8 days until delivery” though.

@Kenshin: The cheapest price for the NEC ND-3500A bulk is 80.78 Euros though: NEC ND-3500A (Mindfactory, another reputable vendor, that’s where I got mine from)

@packetloss: do mindfactory ships in Italy? I wasn’t able to switch the site language to English and I don’t speak German at all. :slight_smile:

They do ship to all EU countries and other European countries even, but I don’t recommend it, simply because the shipping costs are too high (25 Euros). That only makes sense if you order a lot of stuff from them.

In Germany, ordering anything worth more than 100 Euros from them is shipping free.

I see, thanks for the info.
they’re selling 3500A at 73,08 Euros. Unfortunately they don’t accept online orders :frowning:

Yeah, I saw another similar offer (73 Euros something) for the UK, in the bargains section. I think that prices are a bit higher here simply because the friggin drive is sold out everywhere. I had to wait a week for my drive to arrive. The LG GSA-4120B and the NEC ND-3500A seem to be the topsellers here, with NEC closing up fast.

No price comparison sites can list the cheapest stores always. It’s fair to compare the lowest prices of each product in one price comparison page at a given moment.

For example, lists the lowest price of Pioneer DVR-A08/108 for 224,000 Won. However, the lowest price I know is about 108,000 Won.

The important point is that, in Germany, Ricoh’s 16x DVD writer is a little more expensive than NEC’s 16x writer but a little cheaper than Pioneer’s 16x writer.

Ricoh 16x DVD writer is one of the first known 16x DVD writers actually though. Ricoh isn’t good at making their products known well.

I think the MP5316D is just another rebadged NEC ND-3500A. Same specs according to the webshops that list it and NTI also lists three model numbers with the same “suffix” as the NEC uses ie. MP5316DA, MP5316DAD, MP5316DAG vs. ND-3500A, ND-3500AD, ND-3500AG.

Strange though as I think Ricoh is somehow involved in AOpen’s DUW1608 more than just chipset (the AOpen firmware contains the string “AOPEN DUW1608/ARR A101 20040809 Copyright©Ricoh Co.,Ltd.”). Some major problems with this drive maybe? Because the DUW1608 seems to be very delayed as I’ve not seen it in stock anywhere yet and volume production was supposed to have started in July. Also the NU DDW-162 was supposed to be based on Ricoh chipset (probably the same drive as the AOpen) and it magically has been replaced with the BenQ OEM DDW-163 now.

Uworks seemed to get AOpen DUW1608 in late July or early August but it now seems delayed to late September.

From Roxio’s drive support list:

Lite-On Inc. DVD+RW MP5308DB RICOH / + DU20040630 6.x + DU20040630 n/a
Lite-On Inc. DVD Writer 530r HP / + DU20040630 6.x + DU20040630 n/a
Lite-On Inc. DVD+RW MP5312DB RICOH / + DU20040630 6.x + DU20040630 n/a
Lite-On Inc. DVD+RW MP5316DB RICOH / + DU20040630 6.x + DU20040630 n/a

It’s NEC OEM :frowning: