Ricoh mp5308D firmware for DL support?



Hi there,
I am new to this firmware stuff and I am a bit confused about all the information I found here and elsewhere. I don’t really know, which firmware is useable for my recorder. I found sth. like NEC 2100 = NEC 2500 = NEC 2510 = HP 420i = HP 520i = TDK 880 = TDK 882 = AOpen DRW8800 = FREECOM W8B = RICOH MP5308D.
But then I found firmware for the NEC 2100A and 2500A, which seems to be a different version of the 2500 with a different firmware.
I just dont want to kill my recorder with the wrong type of firmware so I ask you, which firmware I can use for my recorder to get DL support, as I don’t know anything about this firmware stuff, yet.

I would be pleased about an answer or a hint that helps me.




You can try any fw for the 25x0 from …


ThanX! :slight_smile: