Ricoh mp5240A cd burning problem

hey, i have the above recorder but cant seem to get it to burn cds at 24x both nero and dsic master will only allow me to burn at 12x i have a 1GHZ amd with 256MB of ram and 120GB hard drive just wondering if you can help me out:D

What media are you using and what version of nero?
I have certified 52X media and the latest nero and they work fine at 24x

i use nero ultra and using kodak 80min 1-24 speed. have tried other programs but still nothing but im pretty sure its the cds as i have used 52x media and it has worked fine! odd as the kodak cds ae 24 speed as well!

Some burners are not happy about buring CD’s at their top speed for some reason, or maybe you need to see if there is a firmware upgrade on their site.

I’m having the same problem with my Ricoh MP5240A-SK, which has a max CD write speed of 24x. I have the latest firmware (version 1.19), i’m using windows 2000 pro and Nero

The media i’m using at the moment, (unbranded 80min CDRs, rated at 48x, ATIP code 97m26s66f, dye type 6) burn fine at 24x, but the new ones i’ve just bought (FWS branded 80min CDRs, rated at 52x, ATIP code 96m43s37f , dye type 7) will only burn at 12x.

Please don’t tell me i can only burn the 50 new CDRs i bought at 12x… :sad:
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I’m afraid so.

All burners have a internal list of CD’s it knows it can burn at full speed, if your CD not on that list then it will burn slower to make sure that at least the CD is not going to be trashed.

Still, your only adding about 2 minutes onto the burn time, so it’s not that bad…

If you’ve still got any Kodak CD-R media, it’s probably rather old (I think it’s about three years ago that Kodak quit the CD-R market saying that they couldn’t make the margin they wanted on what had ceased to be a premium product).

I’ve got some Kodak Silver and Gold Ultima discs left over that I’m still using on unimportant tasks (usually second copies of CDs where the main copy is written to new inkjet printable Taiyo Yuden). However, a lot of modern drives aren’t going to be optimised on the now discontinued Kodak media (the NEC ND-2500A supposedly writes it at 24x, but when I tried it, I was only offered 8x).

Some sources suggest that CD-R media is best written within a couple of years of purchase - the ‘life’ of the disc that you see talked about is the life of a written disc, not a blank disc. Kodak media always was high quality stuff, but I’d be attempting to use up what supplies you have left, or consider relegating it to backups of other discs and using new media for important discs.

At the moment, so far as I can tell, the Kodak media I have left is still writing as well as it ever did, but I’m not going to take too many chances on it. Decent CD-R media is pretty cheap now, particularly if you’re looking to buy 100 discs at once.

As Peter said, you’re not adding that much to your burn time by writing at 12x instead of 24x. If you’re still using Kodak media you either bought a lot of those discs, or you’re not writing many CDs (in which case, what does a minute or two matter?).


(who’s written nearly 50 TY CD-Rs today already - it’s a small scale duplicating job that’s irregular enough in demand that I’m happy to sit here and feed discs as I do other things).