Ricoh MP5240A Cannot Write DVD+R - HELP PLEASE

I purchased a Ricoh MP5240A-SK DVD+R/+RW writer just over a week ago. The drive writes faultlessly to DVD+RW media but completely refuses to write DVD+R. I tried everything I could think of to get a good DVD+R burn but to no avail. In the end I returned the drive to the store (PCWorld) and asked for a replacement, which I got without a problem. Unfortunately the replacement drive is exactly the same - it will not write DVD+R.

My PC is an Asus A7V333 mbd, AMD Athlon 2200+ system with 512Mb of PC2700DDR RAM. My HDD’s are on a PCI RAID controller leaving the onboard IDE free for other drives.

I have tried two different types of media, PCWorld’s own brand (reported by DVDInfoPro as manufacturer ‘OPTODISCOP1’) and Memorex (manufacturer ‘RICOHJPRN00’), so I am convinced it is not a media problem. The PCWorld discs were not cheap at approx GBP1.70 each, and the Memorex cost just under GBP2.00 per disc and even if the PCW discs would not work I cannot see that the Memorex should fail as they are made by Ricoh.

I have tried burning DVD movies, and data. Both fail exactly the same. I have tried three different burning softwares, using system restore between each to ensure that no drivers etc were left on the PC to cause a problem. I have used Nero 6, RecordNowMax 4.5, and the Intervideo software supplied with the writer. The Intervideo software just locks the PC when you go for a burn, whereas Nero and RecordNow both appear to burn faultlessly and report a good burn time after time. But once the disc is burned it is unreadable even in the drive that burned it!

Thinking this might be an IDE issue, I have tried the drive as a secondary slave, and a primary master. I have tried it with a 40 pin and an 80 pin cable. I have tried setting the channel and the drive to UDMA mode 2, MultiWord DMA and even PIO. I have tried shouting profanity at the drive. Same result each time. Coaster. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Looking at the burned discs in DVDInfoPro shows that they are apparently still blank. Selecting the disc in Windows Explorer produces a ‘Windows cannot read from this disc’ type error. Looking via ISOBuster gives:

The Primary Volume Descriptor (PVD) is unreadable.
Read error at address: 16
Device reported error: 05/21/00

I’m just about at my wits end with this. I have ruined over GBP20.00’s worth of media, am yet to make a single DVD+R, and am extremely disillusioned with this drive. I’m posting this to Ricoh tech support and any DVD forum I can find in the hope that someone may be able to assist me, before I remove this hated spawn-of-the-devil-money-gobbling-evil THING from my PC and boot it as far as I can into the distance. Help. Please. :confused: :confused: :confused:

To make it short:

As the RICOHJPRN00 media should be compatible with any drive
I would return the RICOH drive (not compatible with RICOH media :confused: )
and choose another DVD writer that’s available at the PCWorld Store.

Your RICOH MP5240A might be from a bad batch :confused:


I’m just reading in a German CD&DVD forum about a member
also having problems with his RICOH MP5240A :confused:

He can’t write to DVD+R. Tried it with different programs.
DVD: Intenso (maybe not best quality, but widely available in Germany)

Seems you are not alone with your problem :confused:


Thanks for the replies Andy. I’m beginning to lose it over this blasted drive! It may indeed come to returning it to the store and demanding a refund but that of course does not give me anything back for the media I have ruined :frowning:

I’m interested to hear of the German forum user’s problems - could you give me a link please?

I guess I’m hoping that someone on these excellent forums or Ricoh can give me an answer or that Ricoh will acknowledge there is a problem with this drive. I have sent my post to their tech support and had it acknowledged so we shall see. I will post up the reply in the hope that it helps someone else.

Originally posted by BitStar
I’m interested to hear of the German forum user’s problems -
could you give me a link please?

Andy :smiley:

Just to finish off this thread, I received a reply from Ricoh tech support which was completely unhelpful - it asked me questions which I had already answered in my original email. The only new thing was they asked for a Nero logfile to be sent. I sent it, and five days have passed without a reply.

Today I returned the drive and all the media, including the spoiled discs to the store and demanded a refund in full as in my opinion the drive was unfit for the purpose for which it was sold. I got my refund.

When I next fancy having a go at DVD burning, guess which manufacturer’s drives WON’T be on the shopping list?

Originally posted by BitStar
…, guess which manufacturer’s drives WON’T be on the shopping list? [/B]

Make sure to not get a rebadged Ricoh drive then :wink: