Ricoh MP5125A HELP ME!



Hello all,
I need mega help, I just bought a Ricoh MP5125A and updated the firmware to 1.72 straight away. Then I got a Bulkpaq 2.4x (Compatible with my DVD Writer) and tried to burn driv3r on xbox. It wrote the disc but my xbox wouldnt read it, so I tried burning a movie. Same again I burned it but it didnt read on my dvd player then I tried both of the discs on my computer to see if it could even read the cd and it couldnt. So please someone help me!!! Ill even give you webspace. :bow:


Hi. i have the ricoh mp5125a on firmware 1.72 and it has been fine. i know that the bulkpaq dvd+r 4 speed are not very good in the xbox as i have tried them and they dnt seem to be very good in my xbox. what version of xbox do you have? i have 1.0 and mine is fine with dvd-r which is why i brought the nec2500a. i had problems with firmware 1.68 on the ricoh drive. i found that version 1.51 is one of the best to use as it got rid of serveral problems i had with +rw discs. download a different version of firmware to use or try another brand of media. sorry cnt be of much more help. :rolleyes:


Thanks piracy I appreciate that ive got one disc now the only one left… but its verbatim which is a official dvdr for the drive, ill try that if it doesnt work I will buy the nec2500a.


i also tried verbatim dvd+r and they wasnt so good either but was slightly better. yea you can pick up a nec2500a really cheap now and 100 dvd+r for £21 here in the uk. once i got the nec2500a all my troubles had gone and i could run games off dvds instead of the hard drive. if you need any more help just pm me or reply to this thread. :slight_smile:


oh just to let you know +rw are much better to use for games when you use the ricoh mp5125a.