RICOH media in the USA



Where are you guys buying RICOH media in the USA?

I used to buy the R01 (RIDATA 4X) from but they have been discontinued.

Wouldn’t mind being able to pick up some R02 on a consistent basis. I just have not seen any RICOH media around, locally or otherwise.

Thanks in advance for the responses.


That’s the only place I know of in the US that sells Ricoh-branded Ricoh media, aside from Ricoh USA’s online shop. Other than that, I guess you have to do some digging to see if there is any Sony or Fuji 4x DVD+R still around in your area, which should be R01.


Fuji, Maxell, TDK, and Imation appear to have some discs out that are R02’s.

If you’re interested in R03, you can get them at Best Buy under their Dynex brand.


Imation seems to be the only ones left as far as R02 goes, aside from maybe some Fuji 5 color 10 packs of 8x DVD+R (in slim cases). Maxell 8x +R MIT seems to all be RITEK R03 judging by the various reports, and TDK seems to only be supplying CMC and MBIL, at least from what I’ve seen.


Thanks for the response fellas, I certainly appreciate it.
I will start with what you have given me so far.

Other input still welcomed.


Printable Memorex 8x DVD+R is very likely to be RICOHJPNR02. :slight_smile:


Some Memorex 16x is also RICOHJPNR03.


I really wouldn’t bother with RICOHJPNR02. Lots of people have had success with it, but whenever I had used it, it sucked for me.

I am having some success with the RICOHJPNR01’s though. They are good.


Thanks for the Memorex suggestion.
I wish there was a more concrete way to identify the RICOHs. I would hate to walk out with CMC MAG.

Where is the RICOH media made, Japan or Taiwan?

@ rugger
RICOHJPN R01 has been a part of my inventory for a few years now and the burns have always been nothing short of superb. My ND-3500 will burn these at 12X but my SOHW-1633 can only manage 4X, unless I swap the RICOHJPN R02 write strategy. Then the burns are great at 8X.

RICOH media has never sold me short.


RICOH media is manufactured by Ritek Taiwan, with Ricohs tech., stamper, quality control etc. Unless there’s been a change recently that I’m not aware of.



Based on feedbacks, I thought Ridata 8X was RICOHJPNR02. I can’t guarantee it, though. I am personally have RICOH 4X/8X +R under RICOH brand, and they served me very well.


Well then, if Memorex uses it, Radio Shack is selling 25pk 16x Memorex spindles for $9.99, you could take a chance and see if you get any. I might give it a try if I’m out near one sometime soon.


From my experience, if I had to choose between CMC MAG E01 and RICOHJPNR02, I would take CMC MAG E01 every time.


I purchased 8X RIDATA 50PK from Newegg before and they turned out to be RITEK R03. :Z :Z :Z :Z
A friend also had the same experience. We both agreed this is pretty lousy media.

The 100PK you linked to has different packaging but I don’t want to get stuck with 100 Ritek R03.



I have Ricoh branded discs (X8 +R RICOHJPNR02-03), that are “made in india”.

I do not have a liteon nor benq drive to test em, but so far so good, but only when burn at their rated speed, my 3500 fw2.1A burn them at x12 if I choose MAX speed. At x12, burns are much more unreliable.


Interesting. Moser Baer make Ricohs… That’s news to me, though I have to admit I personally don’t have a lot of experience with Ricoh MID media. Thanks for the info.



I have had the same problem two years(or more) ago. At that time, I could find RICOHJPNR01 under Ritek/Ridata/Arita/Imation/Cyqve/CD-Tech brands etc. But I could find RITEKR01 under Ritek/Ridata/Arita … So I went RICOH brand only.

Yes, I have RICOH 2.4X/4X/8X +R under RICOH brand now. No mess with RITEKR02/R03 :iagree:


Could you post the serial numbers in the plastic inner ring and the ones located at the underside close to the printing area ? (This one could be hard to read.)

Because I like to check something.


sure :slight_smile:

innermost, label side: 5030 548 +R C B 02317
writable side: 31118-B2
writable side, smaller: D1118B20538R


Broke down and purchased some ricohjpn R01 from allmediaoutlet
Sweet :smiley: burned at 8x

For those still interested, $37.00 shipped for 100