Ricoh Made By RITEK?

I Was Looking @ and saw something strange !!!

  1.  MID code RICOHJPN type R02
    Designed by RICOH, produced by RITEK.

Does this means RICOHJPNR02 is made by RITEK ?

Yes, this could be, i’ve read somewhere a time ago, that Ricoh made a deal with Ritek.

All Ricoh discs are made by Ritek… However I’m not sure about the “Made in India” RICOHJPNR02.

There have been reported sightings of Ricoh made in Japan by Ricoh, but these are rare and seem to be limited to the Asian/European markets. “Made in Taiwan” is Ritek made, but do not assume they are the “same thing” as Ritek media.

All made in taiwan RICOH is made by ritek. Moreover, many of MCC medias are also made by Prodisc, CMC, and MBI. However, they are made at seperate lines and these lines are managed by RICOH or MCC. Therefore, they are as good as RICOH or MCC made at their own facilities.

I don’t know that I would go that far about MCC. MCC produced by Prodisc, CMC Mag, ect. are definitely better than their own lines but very few people here wouldn’t take a Singapour produced Verbatim over a Taiwanese produced Verbatim provided that the price was close enough.

The price of MCC from whatever country should be the same; the problem is finding Singapore MCC media. I’m not so sure it exists anymore apart from leftovers. But the Singapore media isn’t necessarily better anyhow: