RICOH launches the world’s first 16x DVD+R Double Layer blank disc

Officially certified by the DVD+R/+RW Verification Laboratories Group:

RICOH launches the world’s first
16x DVD+R Double Layer blank disc

With its recently launched 16x DVD+R Double Layer, Ricoh has significantly raised the standards for fast DL blank discs. At the same time this milestone has once again revealed the company’s high level of technical competency in the field of innovative high-speed media development. This is confirmed by the certificate issued by the Verification Laboratories Group which sets the official standards for the new Double Layer DVD+R media with write speeds of up to 16x. Delivery of the first samples for hardware manufacturers started on 7th March 2007

Nice story, Jan! Sounds very interesting, wonder how it’ll pan out.

While it’s a nice thought, with the price of DL discs here currently, I daren’t think of the price those would sell at here in the UK :eek: :bigsmile:…some folk here (including myself) are put off current DL discs due to the high price in High Street stores, so it’ll be interesting to see where this is at say 6 months down the line. :slight_smile:

16x DL…it is making me drool though :bigsmile:

But wait … I think in Oz, the 2.4x verbatims (which can be written at 4x in certain burners and labelled as such) are still predominant.

I figure, by the time Oz gets these at a reasonable price… we will have UV-ray burners (250GB+) in the rest of the world :wink:

Same here, highest speed I saw yesterday whilst in a couple of stores that sell media, was 4x. Mostly 2.4x though :iagree:

The 2.4x D/L Verbatims will burn at up to 8x with no problems in most late model burners. Been burning at 6x or 8x on them for quite some time with no issues.

Same here as well. :iagree: :iagree:

:cool: :cool:

Yes, we know … but that’s not the point. 8x media is not available. 4x is barely available … only 2.4x is proliferant :wink:

It’s likely you could burn the 8x media at 16x on recent burners, if you could find it :wink:

:iagree: :iagree: I bet the 8x verbs burn @16x better than these “true” 16x ricohs, for that matter, the 2.4x verbs @16x will probably outperform the ricohs :doh:

Ricoh used to make great CDR’s … I wonder what happened?