Ricoh launches new DVD+R DL discs and drive

I just posted the article Ricoh launches new DVD+R DL discs and drive.

 Dé¼sseldorf, Germany '“ Ricoh Europe B.V. (EPMMC  Center) announced the launch of a new product line of single-sided DVD+R DL  (Double Layer) discs and a compatible recordable DVD drive,...
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sooo… this means we get 4X DL discs now?

That drive picture sure looks like the NEC3500a

Would be a shame if they didn’t manufacture their own drives anymore. Have never had a problem with my RW5125a - unlike some other newer and cheaper DVD drives (Benq, HP).

I didnt’ think they did manufacture their own drives. As far as I thought, it’s a rebadged NEC 3500A

their first and second generation drives were there own. HP100/200 and others were using rebadged Ricoh’s.