Ricoh JPNR02 411S@811S



I upgraded my 411S to 811S (FW HS0R). I burned a Ricoh JPNR02. Here is the result. It is very bad (see).
I changed write-speed (4x-6x-8x) but the result is the same.

What can I do?


Welcome to the Forum… I suggest to go to the Codeguys home page and
try using Omnipatcher. This splendid bit of software allows you to Patch your
Liteon Dvd Writer and also fine tune the drives performance.


How could you upgrade 411S to 811S with that firmware? I could not do it.
Would you show me step-by-step please.


It’s quite simple really, Codeking and the team have produced an EEPROM utility for Liteon Drives. This allows you to Backup your EEPROM
and also Crossflash your Drive from 411 to 811. Remember to BACKUP your
EEPROM first and read the instructions provided.


Also see this:


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Not the best result. What brand of RICOHJPNR02 are they? There’s a gold disc Ricoh version, which are very good, but a lot of R02 is quite poor quality. You could try HS0K and also a reset learn using the [thread=112103]EEPROM Utility v2[/thread]. R02 always seem to burn better at 8x than 4x but I’d suggest you do a 4x burn first after the reset learn and then do an 8x burn after that…


Thanks for reply.
In the first step I burned with 411S (FW FS0K). The result was the same.
The I flash my 411S to 811S, Reset learnt media und use the original Firmware HS0R. The result was like 411S. Then I tried omnipager und change the strategy to JPNR01. Without success.

@ CodeKing. I try your recommendation. I use golden DVD’s from RICOH (original). I will post the result.


Ricoh JPNR02 burned 4x with FW HS0K.
Result very bad.


Ricoh JPNR02 burned 8x with FW HS0K.
Result very bad.


In the next step i clear learnt media and flash HS0R.
The result is also very bad.

What is a good brand for Liteon?


MCC002 are OK. The disc is burned at 8X with my 401S@811S with fw HS0R. Crossflashed using eeprom util


Has your drive burned well in the past? If it has then it just doesn’t like that media :confused:.

RICOHJPNR01 is always a Liteon favourite (Sony, Fuji, Memorex, Ritek…). Watch out, as some of these brand switch media types without any obvious indication that they have. Some change the color of the base of the spindle and some do nothing at all; like Imation, which used to be reasonable quality Ricoh media, but are now CMC media :(.


@ edgem
Just a thought, but the 411/811 drive has been known to be poor reader. Do any of these discs play/read on another drive or player? It is possible your 411/811 just thinks they are bad.


My aopen-dvd rom and my dvd-player (cyberhome) can read all burned media.
I ordered new media (verbatiom, memorex) and I hope to get a better result.


Chalk another on up for please. :slight_smile:

Some 411S/811S drives do not report PI/PIF errors correctly. Use you AOpen DVD-ROM to do a Nero CD-DVD Speed transfer rate test on some of the above discs and post the resulting scan. They should produce a smooth CAV curve. A small drop off in speed near the end, is acceptable.

FYI: Make sure you save your scans as a file type of PNG. This picture format displays much more clearly on the forum ;). See [thread=119042]this thread[/thread] for details.



enclosed you will find the result of speed test (Nero-CD-DVD-Speed).


LOL! That’s a perfect readback scan. please, way to go! edgem, don’t worry about the KProbe scans… if you get such perfect readbacks, your 811s is definitely a bad reader.


ok thanks.