Ricoh introduces DVD+R 2.4x Double Layer Printable

I just posted the article Ricoh introduces DVD+R 2.4x Double Layer Printable.

Premiere for Ricoh
2.4x Double Layer Printable

First inkjet printer compatible DVD+R Double Layer…

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printable media, thats better. 2.4x +r is bad though, verbatim 4x -r is already available, why would anyone buy these? the more companies that start producing media the cheaper it will be for us !

I would rater have +r then -r just because i can change the booktype to dvd-rom

Not so sure about this “First” claim. I believe Verbatim already has printable DVD+R DL media…

E-net provide printable dvd+r dl under ridisc and datawrite brand since few weeks

why? because it’s printable?

I wonder if these are hub printable. Lets hope they come out at a decent price, like $29.95 per 10 for example.