Ricoh introduces 100x DVD storage capabilities in 2010

I just posted the article Ricoh introduces 100x DVD storage capabilities in 2010.

By way of the Japanese website we can find that Ricoh has a special website that announces the development of a technology that should be able to store more then 100x the amount of data…

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very it is bold conception
Wow, now I understand how they make the English manuals for Japanese products!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

lite-on brother… lite-on:p

In year 2010… MANY others make 100000x bigger and faster storage devices…

I heard a while back with the introduction to DVD that the entire Congress Library (world’s largest library) can fit on to 50 DVDs. Imagine saying you have the contents of this on just one disc. :9

i don’t thinks in 2010 they will call it “DVD” :stuck_out_tongue: What will they call…only the god know :frowning:

@ Mgz FMD Gräfdig P.s: I’m God :wink:

Is fact my type not good like english, but understand not very they what say! (if you re-read the article and pretend that it is YODA that wrote it. Sense it makes!:slight_smile:

LOL. You guys are comedians! :stuck_out_tongue:

ingrish second my language mine is. :slight_smile: “Fear leads to hate. Hate leads to anger. Anger leads to lawsuits”