Ricoh Fujifilm03

Just got a batch of these, nothing like the older(12/18months ago) fujifilm03. Pretty guff to say the least The first burned @8x nec 3540, notice the big spike near the end, the transfer scan of this disc dropped off at the spike point

Same disc burned @4x Anybody else had these discs

Hmm wonder if MBIL or RITEK made these for RICOH.(If you can could you post a example of the serial in the inner hub?)
Also are your older fuji disc’s ricoh ? Because Most Ricoh DVD-R’s I have seen so far are CMC made but with the FUJIFILM code I doubt it.

EKO83A OO46 I am not sure if it is a zero or the letter o

Innner hub is very hard to read looks like 5180 423 RC B(orR) 11052

Made in India on tub

My other fujifilm was not ricoh, but the datawrite greys.

I think I will rma these, what do you think?

RIcoh -> MBIL made.
Your datawrite disc’s were made by Prodisc.
It might be that your burner was optimised only for one version and that the difference between the disc’s is to big.