Ricoh exits optical drive business

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  Optical drive maker Ricoh has decided to withdraw from  the optical drive business citing fierce competition and declining sales in                                Japan                    ...
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it’s a shame. I have the RW5125a and it has been a rock for almost 3 years.

I am shocked and a bit upset by this :c I have a MP5240A that has never let me down (okay, it seems like I’m the only person with one that works, but it’s still a shame)

I can still remember my first CD-RW drive - A ricoh MP 7060A (6x6x24x) and that was one of the first ricoh drives ever made. It could only write the cheap CD’s at 2x and after that was returned for warranty once every 6 months, I brought a MP 7163A (16x10x32x) and have since been satisfied - it still works well but I don’t use it. In the same time, I had recieved a MP 7083A (8x8x24x) and that had been performing badly. After inspection - i found that the drives were samsung based!!! … well - since that - i have had no motivation to purchase a ricoh because they were always more expensive and had been rated down (especially the DVD drives) and only being single format - i didn’t think they would last.

This move does not surprise me at all. Even though Ricoh were the pioneers of CD-RW technology, they serious shot themselves in the foot by being +R DVD aligned & only making DVD+R/RW drives. By the time they started shipping dual-format DVD burners, the bottom line didn’t look too good. Product wise, Ricoh makes good but not spectactular recordable drives.

Thank god…My first burner was ricoh, cost $ 800 and I got about 50 burns out of it. It had no support in Oz at the time and the exchange of emails between me and the support centre in japan could have been a monty python script…:B…:X

Even if their drives were not always perfect, their R&D gave the ODD business a lot of good inventions. I hope they will return to the blue laser age soon…

I started off with a RICOH ( RO-1420c - SCSI), back at the year dot!,they were cracking drives back then,but as people have already noted,these days …they were kinda overpriced and under equipped

Thank god for that! It’ll cut down on my tech support time for friends which don’t listen to my purchasing advice :slight_smile: I have only one good thing to say about Ricoh drives…they stimulated the economy by creating a vast requirement for tech support.

Very sad to hear this but I think I had an bad omen when my old MP7200 packed in 2 days ago.

I’m also not all that sorry to see them gone. My first drive was a Ricoh – cost me about $A1200, broke down in two weeks, replacement (refurbished) did the same thing in a couple of months. By then the distributorship had changed, new operators wouldn’t look at it because their predecessors had sold it, Ricoh themselves didn’t want to know. Fixing it taught me a bit about the internals of these things, so I suppose, in a sort of left-handed way, I should be grateful… The thing still works, BTW, after about 7 years, but it’s been apart so often you only have to wave a screwdriver at it now. :stuck_out_tongue: