Ricoh Europe introduces 8x DVD+R DL



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  Ricoh High Speed DVD+R 8x Double  Layer       8x write speed according to the High Speed    Standard      Excellent compatibility through optimised manufacturing    process      8.5 gigabyte '“...
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There is no future of DL until the price drops to below double the price of SL. This is not likely to happen unless and until the manufacturers are able to improve the manufacturing process, as of date the reject factor is 50% + ! Manufacturers are reluctant to commit to the resources to improve the quality control as they believe DL will soon be supersede by Blue Ray !


Double the price of SL? Dream on! At a buck each they’d fly off the shelves. Blu-ray is doomed by DRM issues.


yep, I would get them in large quantities if they get below the 2 euro pricepoint. (and write results should improve on most brands, because now only verbatim is acceptable)


not to mention that up to half the burns from brands other than verbatim are trash. Even some verbatims struggle, and I am hesitant to put my money on its longevity!


Funny that press releases like these never contain the specific information that I actually care about ( MID ). :stuck_out_tongue:


inexpensive quality dl media can delay the adaption of bd/hd dvd i think bd has a chance if they can make sl bd media much cheaper than dl hd dvd btw, it appears that bd/hd dvd will use drm that is worse than wmv…anyone remember microsoft’s hd version of terminator 2? i haven’t been able to play it because windows media player cannot get aquire an license…and yes, my copy is legit & ms offers not support of it drmed bd/hd dvd…no thanks


After Verbatim DL 2.4x, Ricoh, were my best records on my Plextor 716… Too Bad about the prices, yet:S


eventually the price will fall…blueray is dead…given that the spec says an internet connect is a must for them there is no where but down…then DL will take off…


Reject factor is 50%?? I have burnt numerous Verbatim Dls and they are all functional. Maybe it’s a different story with Ricoh media…I have yet to try it. As for twice the price of SL media, I think that 2 bucks per DL media is a great price. I am already seeing prices drop from 5 to 4 to 3 bucks per disc.


I tested Philips, Fuji,Traxdata, Ricoh and Verbatim DL disks. Only the Verbatim worked as it should. Traxdata was ok, but the 2nd layer was quite problematic. All other media were unusable with my NEC drive. So testing (and wasting) disks that cost 5 euro is a no go for most of us. :frowning: regards, Stephen