Ricoh dye +R 4x discs for 18p

…at SVP:

{DV 3211} Datawrite Ricohcode (4x) DVD+R in Spindle Tubs of 50


SVP Price: £8.99 / Euro 13.05. Prices include VAT.

Get 'em while you can - but maybe cheap shipping weekend coming up?

I’m on my last pack of +Rs. Roll on a 99p shipping weekend and I’ll pick up 200.


A RiDisc(Ricoh code) DVD+R version at £8.99 for 50 at

They also have 16x DVD+R by Ricoh at £14.10 for 25

KDH - do you have personal experience with these RiDiscs? Are they indeed RicohJPNR01? I like the look of them better than the Datawrites.


Actually I’m about to order a pack or two from SVP. I just noticed that this week’s £1.99 shipping offer still applies regardless of how small the order.

So £20.32 for 100 Ricoh +Rs delivered. Sorted. I can’t imagine that they won’t burn at 8x, either.


Ignore me!

They do. And they’re JPNR01s.

And they appear a very robust disc. There’s no incomplete layer bonding at the centre hole like the Ritek G04s I had recently.

Nice! :smiley:


I might take a look at those SVP ones, too.

A recent email I got from SVP was entitled “Where have my favourite discs gone?” which explained why they had deleted some types of discs.

The email listed “recommended alternatives” for the ones they deleted. However, all of the alternatives were for “minus” discs. They even recommended “minus” discs as alternatives for “plus” media. I took it from this email that SVP were abandoning “plus” media altogether. I mostly use Verbatim DVD+R and the idea that SVP’s recommended alternative was Verbatim DVD-R seemed somewhat bizarre to me. :confused:

Given this and considering that both my burners are plus-only and my DVD recorder is a Philips, I felt there was little point going to SVP any more. Perhaps I was wrong, but this isn’t the only time their emails have implied a minus-bias.


I suppose their stock choices reflect what people buy from them. Which is why we need to keep buying +Rs. :smiley:

I only buy Ricoh/MCC coded +Rs. They really are the dog’s cogs.