Ricoh DVR+R 4x discs and Pioneer 107D burner Drive

Hi to all that read this post,

I have a problem still with Burning DVD’s and just wanted to know that I am not going insane… or at least not yet :slight_smile:

After making multiple cup holders with many brands of Discs, Princo, Memorex, Verbatim etc… I have found that the Ricoh DVD+R’s are giving me the best result for burning as far as errors go.

I havent managed to post up the results as I dont have them on this machine but I did manage to have a disc burn at 4x and after using the K-probe tool in my lite-on drive the average for the PO inner was 12 and the worst PO outer was 5 so i figured pretty impressive :slight_smile:

No such luck though, when playing on my DVD player at home the disc is pausing/stalling and eventually stops.

Could this just be a problem with my home DVD player? it is approx 2 years old now and maybe it just cant read the +R medium very well?

BTW… the pioneer drive has the latest firmware 1.12

Any suggestions would be welcomed…

Thanks in advance

Hi SilverDesign;

From personal experience I have found DVD-R give the best results in stand alone DVD players (not always true but in 9 out of ten cases DVD players prefer -R). What make / model is your stand alone player you could try looking here to see if your stand alone player is compatible with +R.