Ricoh DVD+R or Verbatim DLP +R... Which is better for LiteOn LDW-811S?



I´ve read that Ricoh should be great in LiteOn drives. Unfortunately in my 811S the KProbe results are always average. You can see some of my results in this thread.
Verbatims seem to be great aswell so i´m thinking if i should buy those and see if i got more luck with them… :sad: Please say what you think. Thanks in advance!


Verbatim ought to be very good on that 811…


Thanks so far!


Verbatims are not a manufactorer of disks. they use several manufacturers. if you get mcc’s from them then you will have very good disks…ive heard they also are mixing cmcs in thier lots so dont think your always going to get mcc’s (mitsubishi).


Furthermore, even Verbs that have the MCC code are often time not made by MCC and are outsourced.